Posted on May 21, 2007
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50 responses to “Shri Varun Dev Mandir of Manora Island”

  1. Thank you for these photos. I am wondering if you could tell if these tiles might be cement tiles made in the manner of the popular tiles of Spain, Italy , Cuba, Central America, etc… I wish I could see the original high-rez images of these tile close-ups in order to see if the tiles are fired ceramic or “Mosaicos hidraulico” …hydraulically pressed hand poured cement tiles. We are always interested to find old examples of cement tiles and ones that have been outdoors especially. If the higher rez images are on Flicker, or any other site, please post or email the links…thanks and best wishes, Lundy Wilder-Alabama

  2. Hari Motwani says:

    Today is 10th March, 2011, while going through all the 49 comments arrived so for, I Hari Motwani (a local resident / born Citizen-1940-Tharparkar District of Pakistan- being proud of my birth in this part –Sindh–inheriting Indus Civilization ) Ex-General Secretary of Pakistan Hindu Council, am pleased to add some more information on this site to quench the thrust of our readers that Pakistan is rich in heritage as this is land of Indus Civilization spread over from Arabian Sea Shore (Karachi to Afghanistan) touching the Gujrat, Rajisthan and Eastern Punjab border of India. Many Temples are still working and managed by Local Hindus. Important places of Pilgrimage Viz. Hinglaj Mata Asthan and Kali Mata Temple in Baluchistan; Har Shri Nath Dargah & Kali Bai Temple in Peshawar, Ram Takhat Sahib in Valley of Mingora-Swat; Katas Raj Temple in Chakwal, Krishna Temples in Rawalpindi and Lahore in Punjab. ( Sialkot and Multan Temples name-I don’t remember); Sadhu Bela in Sukkur and Baba Srichand Darbar Sahib of Thatta, Jain Temples in Tharparkar District of Sindh. Even Karachi have some well maintained Temples. Mostly all the Temples are Community maintained. Pakistani Hindus hardly ask Govt for funds for their maintenance. I may add that Manora Mandir is also intended to be repaired and maintained by the community from our own resources, however if somewhere funds do come from the Govt sources, it’s our right as Hindus are businessmen and best Tax payers. Besides at present there may be 10 millions of Hindu minority population in Pakistan, majority of them living in Sindh.

  3. farida ahmed says:

    i remember manora vaguely.there used to be 3 large moortis at the entrance to the beach.i think one of them was Hanuman ji´s.its really sad that our govt and people are not looking after this beautiful temple . its a great peace of art too as well as a holy place for our hindu brothers and sisters.i wish somebody should preserve it.

  4. sanjay g dodeja says:

    hi i am sanjay son of girdharlal dodeja and grand son of lokram dodeja both well know writer father who used to write on the lighter side of life and grandpa who was more of travel and epic writer. myself and my brothers have been regularly printing and reprinting books written by them.
    my search for dodejas let me to this site

  5. hari motwani says:

    I m Hari Motwani, General Secretary, Pakistan Hindu Council, Karachi-Pakistan–once again to update the information that the said VARUN DEV (God) Temple, located on Manora Beach (Island) Karachi–Pakistan a place of yore times is being renovated and it may take a year or more to bring it to origional condition–to what ever the state possibe. I may inform the readers that Sindhi Hindus are the worshipers of VARUN DEV—JHULELAL–UDEROLAL —Ayo Lal Jhuley Lal — Jeko chawando Jhulelal taihanja thenda bera par– are 2 typical slogans we chant very much and love and regard. Zindha Pir —in Sukkur / Rohri is a famous place / temple where we celeberate on every new Moon day (Chand) and a big Mela is organized on Cheti Chand. Like wise Uderoloal is a real place of brith (if I am not mistaken) on the way from Hyderabad to Tando Adam near Bhit Shah & Hala where big temple is builtup since centuries and big mela is organised on Cheti Chand and a monthly congration on every new Moon Day. Varun Dev worship is given / reffered in Vedas too. We Sindhi Hindus are the worshipers of all devi-Devtas in accordance with the Sanatan Hindu Sanskitri and behold fully our traditions and rituals and are proud of it all.