Independence Day Greetings for India

Posted on August 15, 2007
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Owais Mughal and Adil Najam

Pakistan India friendship, cheering cricket fanToday is August 15.
India’s Independence Day.

ATP sends all Indians sincere and heartfelt Independence Day greetings and the very best wishes. We pray for a peaceful and prosperous future for both countries. May our futures be defined by friendship, mutual respect, and prosperity.

Last year we had expressed similar sentiments by presenting some pictures from the past. This time we wish to share some images from the present. These pictures, we believe, are equally poignant and even more relevant to our shared futures. The first image is from Lahore, Pakistan. The second from Ahmedabad, India.

Pakistan India friendship, Indians with painted faces

These young and pretty faces are the custodians of our shared dreams. May they always smile. May they always smile together.

43 responses to “Independence Day Greetings for India”

  1. NIKI says:

    No other 2 countries can be more close in so many ways than India and Pakistan. So, I hope the future sees more positive sentiments from both sides and let there be peace and friendship!!!

  2. Piyush says:

    I wish all my Pakistani friends a very happy independence day.
    I wish both India and Pakistan a very bright future.
    because from the depth of our hearts we know that we are two children of same mother.

  3. Qurban says:

    Greetings from Pakistan to Indian friends. May our futures be more peaceful and friendly than our pasts.

  4. Saibal says:

    Hello all,
    It is really heartning to see such positive comments coming in from pakistan.The commom people of pakistan and India always want peace and harmony between them but it is the riyasati chals of the goverment of the two countries which acts as spoilsport.I sincearly hope the two goverments would understand the real feelings of its countrymen and would start afresh in a new journey of friendship and peace.Wish every pakistani and indian a very happy INDEPENDENCE DAY .May god bless you all…

  5. mustakali shaikh says:

    your web side is very good i like wish all the best and do more work as well as posi so

    best of luck and do more progress

    mustakali shaikh

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