Official Police enforcing Private Policing?

Posted on September 2, 2007
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Owais Mughal

Few days ago ATP had a post on police (see here) where we highlighted the need of improving police infrastructure. Following story is on the same theme. Today I read in bewilderment in Jang newspaper that police in Rawalpindi is forcing businesses to have security guards. As if this was not enough, businesses who fail to do so will be prosecuted. My question to readers is, how is it possible under the law? Isn’t the police supposed to provide security? If people were to fend for themselves by providing their own security guards then what is the use of having official police force?

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  1. Owais Mughal says:

    ae police beTh ja wahaaN jaa kar
    saara fitna jahaaN se uThta hai
    charas ki boo hi tujhay bataa de gi
    “ye dhuwaaN saa kahaaN se uThta hai”

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    dawa-i-dil, “aap ki baat meiN wazan hai” but my argument is that investment should be made on equipping official police with the tools/personnel/vehicles they need to do the job effectively. Raising private forces should be discouraged.

  3. PatExpat says:

    I remember visiting father-in-law of my aunt on Eid three years ago in North Nazimabad, Karachi. He must be around 70. The TV was on where one of the cable channels was for local government transmission(similar to the present one where Mustafa Kudaal keeps touting about ‘decent’ lifestyle).

    The SHO of local thana (I think it was Noor Jahan Thana) was advising people to be careful in these times of rising crimes. He asked the people to

    1. Install barriers at entry and exit points of streets
    2. Hire private security guards
    3. Have the security gears sold by ADT etc. installed at their houses.

    Our hosts comment though shocking for us was timeless. He said, “Yeh sab agar humein karna hai to tujhay kis liyay rakha hai”.

    Moreover this shows that Karachiites are way ahead of the rest of the country in adopting latest strategies :)

  4. What is happening in Pakistan? I cant believe what I have just read, when will the thana culture be tackled head on and the post by Owais bhai is even more of a stinging indictment of the current military regime under whose watch law and order it seems is now being privatised as usual as is the case for this regime to the lowest bidder.

    Lets also not forget the hundreds of soldiers kidnapped in Wazirstan recently all which has occured under Mushy’s regime. How great army rule is!!!!!

  5. dawa-i-dil says:

    it is sad indeed….

    but when the whole police rather all departments are in the octopus of bribery and corruption..then what poor olicemen can do…..

    Its the duty of the police o safeuard the businessmen and tajirs…

    can anybody tell many of these businessmen give taxes to the government !!!!!!!!!!

    if they give…how much is the share of tax collector…income tax department and revenue department..and what the % which ultimately go into government pocket….

    they are millinares and billionare businessmen…but dont even ready to give Rs 3000 per month elctricity they give Rs 600 to the metr reader …each month..which”adjust” thier Rs 3000….

    when they are not angels..what policemen can do..have they come from Mars…they emerge from the same society…

    The only problem we have strict “accountability” …as in west…Western people have the same attitude of corruption as when once loadshedding happened in US we all know what happened.. ..but they have shear law enforcing agencies and courts…which can call even PM or President….

    Justice Ifthkhar was about to clean up some of this garbage but all bureacuracy…millitary …and feudal lords tried to put him down..but alhumdullilah he is up again..and hope to get very good reports from him….

    But a single man and single institution cannot do anything..What the hell ..our 342 MNA’s and 100 Senators have done in 5 years ..just blowing up desks with hands..and go musharraf go slogans.and receiving billion of funds….

    Its the duty of Executive…Parliment to look after the country….not alone judiacary…

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