Pakistan Elections 2008: Free and Fair, Pakistani Style

Posted on December 14, 2007
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Adil Najam

Many of you would already have seen this photograph.

It shows a policeman (of the Punjab Police, I believe) helping hang billboards showing the election symbol of ‘bicycle.’ The bicycle, by the way, is the electoral symbol of the ruling party PML(Q), whose supposed Prime Ministerial candidate Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi is the Chief Minister of Punjab and, therefore, the direct boss of this poor cop.

By the way, from the look of it this official van is holding lots of other billboards; most likely with the same symbol. For the uninitiated we should note that the Blue Toyota Hilux vans are the vehicle of choice for the Punjab Police. Also note the word (in Urdu) ‘Police’ at the back of the van and the green number plate. Both signifying that this is an official government vehicle. The policeman, of course, is also in official uniform – duly armed – and ‘assisting’ in what is clearly political campaigning.

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My first thought had been to ask people to suggest a funny title for this… maybe something like “Police ka hai farz madad aap ki!” (It’s the Police’s duty to help you) which used to be the slogan of the police service. However, there is very little about this picture that is funny. And their is plenty that is truly disturbing.

77 responses to “Pakistan Elections 2008: Free and Fair, Pakistani Style”

  1. Muzaffar Mansoor says:

    It is sad that some religious bodies which claim to be true reflection of Islam do not practice and deliver justice to its members rather do nepotism and victimisation to satisfy personal vendetas of those in authority it is shame shame

  2. Netsafire says:

    This is a lie.
    The reality is that the policeman is removing the board because of an upcoming lawyers rally.
    Any person with a slightest common sense can see this is not the way these boards are put up.
    There is a cross sign on the board which shows it is not new.
    If you have seen the poles where these boards are put, it is impossible to put them up without a ladder.
    However, they can be pulled down by only stretching an arm.
    Also, if you look at the board placed inside the van, it is slightly torn and other boards don’t look like new.
    Please don’t spread such lies to gain cheap popularity!

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