What is the right way towards democracy?

Posted on September 5, 2007
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Guest Post By Syed Ahsan Ali.

President Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto have been in dialogue for sometime now. The dialogue has so far yielded nothing. As external forces are increasing pressures on both of them to find a way to from an arrangement that can fight greater challenges of militancy in the region, things are moving towards an alliance of moderate and liberal forces in the country.

Pakistan People’s Party is facing risk of losing huge public support by entering in this kind of dialogue. Polls are clearly showing that PPP‘s popularity is dwindling as this dialogue is getting towards its eventuality. Why PPP is doing this? Is there only external pressure or is there any real ideology behind these meneavours.

Benazir Bhutto may not have proven herself a successful Prime Minister in the last two chances she got, but certainly she has a far broader insight into international and national politics. She clearly holds an opinion that it is better to persuade Army to detach itself from the politics in Pakistan than to force it out of this whole set-up. She has two options. One is to create an atmosphere of bargain where she can offer an easy exit to Pakistan army from Presidency and accept democracy in return. Option number two is to launch full-fledge movement of confrontations, rallies, congregations, arrests and protests. Interestingly option two may be what Mian Nawaz Sharif will adopt in next few months if he gets back to Pakistan. Benazir thinks that after what happened in CJP episode it is a lot more easier now to involve Army in a table-talk where for the first time in the history of Pakistan, establishment felt tremors under its feet as a result of civil protests. Some in the Army may also be thinking that they have to find ways to get back to the barracks gracefully.

Now the million dollar question remains what is the most suitable way to find democracy in Pakistan? Protests and agitation or agreements and talks. Benazir‘s option has one bigger risk that Army can get back to the politics any time they want by breaking any kind of agreement and control the reins of governance. Nawaz Sharif‘s thinking on the other hand may be dangerous in this volatile situation of Pakistan but can be lot more fulfilling in the years to come. Public is certainly against any kind of agreement or deal with the establishment by democratic forces but they are missing a point here that it will not be easy at all to send Army back to its barracks by force. Some kind of negotiations with the Army have to bring in to avoid any kind of clashes in these precarious law and order conditions where Army has strong reasons to stay in control.

About the Author: Syed Ahsan Ali holds a masters degree in Economics and is a writer by profession. He occasionally writes for the daily News and the daily Dawn also.

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