Posted on September 26, 2007
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53 responses to ““Is This Why We Made This Pakistan?””

  1. Xenon_7 says:

    I am a pakistani…14 yrs of age!!
    well i think Pakistan can do it..
    61 years ago, there was a nation thirsty for a land but it is today a land thirst for a nation..
    this land marked the death of gazillionz of people..
    We have to unite and show the world a unifying symbol i.e. PAKISTAN!!
    Proud to be a Pakistani! coz i can show the world the power ans strength each child in Pak holds…
    i am with u!!!

  2. aftab alam says:

    its good artical to pakistan

  3. NoPCThoughts says:

    Someone once said the “the poor will always be with us”. Even the richest countries have ‘beggars’ …. they just take other forms … in the UK we have ‘professional beggars’ selling “The Big Issue” magazine. They are self regulated by the proividers of the magazine that they sell. We also have Albanian or Romanian (gypsys) beggars, who are also professional buit work in organised gangs using children as ‘fronts’.

    We could tackle both sets, but one would cost money, and the other it’s not Politically Correct (PC) to deal with. It’s not so different from Pakistan.