Posted on October 24, 2007
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18 responses to “Cricket Match Moved Out of Karachi …. Again”

  1. Atelier says:

    & what if a bomb blast rips through venues other than Karachi ? Would we be satisfied that atleast they are are willing to play with us as long as it is not on our soil ? It seems that we have started accepting fate and are letting our destines be left to defeatist attitudes.

    Quit kiddin yourself and Act Now and atleast make an attempt to save your butt OR get ready to go to Hell with Osama, Mullah Omer and the likes who are hellbent on taking us all to Hell.

    You see the show must go on . When the show continues it is not only a victory for us but pisses the hell out of the forces of evil.

  2. faraz says:

    Agree with Owais. We should have not offer SA the path of least resistence. The better option was to cancel match.

  3. Owais Mughal says:

    I do not agree with those who are saying it is a shame for Karachiites. It is not a shame b/c citizens of the city are not at fault here. It is an unfortunate situation. The behavior of Karachi crowd has been exemplary in recent years.
    PCB is too easy and too willing to change venues whenever some team ask them to. Somebody mentioned here rightly that may be the right way would’ve been for Govt officials to watch match in public. Providing more security is the answer not moving the venue. If SA didn’t want to play in Karachi PCB should’ve just cancelled the match rather than moving it easily and making it harder for the city to become a venue next time. This is my personal thought on this issue.