Olympic Torch Comes to Pakistan after 44 Years

Posted on April 15, 2008
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Owais Mughal

After a gap of 44 years, the Olympic torch has arrived in Pakistan. From Muscat, it was brought to Islamabad on a chartered plane. A torch relay alongwith fireworks are planned for tomorrow (wednesday) in Islamabad.

Olympic torch in Pakistan

So far, wherever the Beijing Olympics torch has gone, it has met protestors of pro-Tibet issue as well as demonstrators of pro-China stance. In Pakistan, strict security measures have been taken to stop any untoward incident.

Olympic torch in PakistanThe Daily News reports in a curtain raiser that:

The President and the Prime Minister of the country will be present to watch the Torch Relay which will start in the afternoon from Jinnah Stadium, the main stadium in Pakistan Sports Complex, just across from Liaquat Gymnasium.Up to 66 people will carry the torch, one after the other, from the starting point to the Liaquat Gymnasium for the final functions which will culminate in the lighting of the cauldron.

Prominent among the runners will be former world squash champion Jahangir Khan and celebrated hockey player Hassan Sardar who was the star of the Pakistan team that captured the Olympics gold medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

The Chinese Ambassador in Islamabad, Luo Zhaohui. will also carry the torch.

From Pakistan, the torch will go to India.

Metroblog Islamabad also carried a curtain raiser on this even and can be read here. Following photo is a collection 5 Olympic mascots of Beijing Olympics.

17 responses to “Olympic Torch Comes to Pakistan after 44 Years”

  1. Nimi says:

    the fact is that all governments and organisations follow their own agenda, more or less rationallized by the slogans of human rights, freedom etc.

    What differentiates a few western countries from the rest of the world is that their governments depend a little too much on the public opinion which (righteously or not) needs to be controlled.

    The occasion was ideal to inflict some embarassement upon China. Western governments did not oppose or moderate a few press people who started all this hue and cry. During this time, people got their attention off their current problems: price hike, unemployment etc. etc. Everyone in the west was happy. Stupid TV junkies thought they were doing some great work in crying loud against China, the government and people of China started their well deserved party with a bad taste in their mouth.

    That’s all.

    Most of us shall have forgotten it by the end of this year or even earlier.

  2. Asim Kaleem says:

    We are really thankful to China for giving us an oppurtunity to be the part of this prestigious run. Long Live China – Pakistan Friendship

  3. Irfan says:

    Nice to see that our friend China has set aside all security concerns and is bringing the olympic flame to Pakistan (the last time it came here, Islamabad did not exist). I am surprised at the list of people included to carry the torch – the strangest amongst them being that of the the model Vaneeza Ahmed. I dont know how she qualifies as an athlete or sports-women

  4. zia m says:

    Like the way they did their mascots.Friend of mine told me their names put together says “Welcome to Beijing’.
    Very clever.

  5. verysmart says:

    Faraz Waseem,
    I never knew that something becomes less credible if it happens a few years earlier than our definition of recent.

    My point is, we all have become a fashion victim of trying to remain politically correct as the media portrays stuff to us.

    If the Europeans and Americans are so ethically righteous then what happens when you try and ask them; location of WMD, Rape of Gaza, Sabira and Shatela, funding of 10 years of pointless war against Iran, Bay of Pigs, Assassination of Omar Torrijos, Napalms in Vitenam, Agent Orange in Viteman and Laos, A-bomb in Japan … now these are all very much 21st century stuff…. not only the champions of Human Rights consider these acts as necessary but they also arranged them in such a manner that maximum human disaster was assured.

    So you think its right to forget all those whose lives been brutally butchered and start protesting against China which is actually building Tibet and assuring that the lives of Tibetans can be elevated from Tents to some decency?

    What I want you to realize is that these “Free Tibet” types of events are very finely orchestrated and planned. Rebellions are fueled and nurtured and then are used when it matters.

    Read “The Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins and you will get to know how since early 1950s CIA and OSS were involved in staging such activities, when they started with overthrowing the elected Prime Minister of Iran Mr. Mossadigh when he negated British Petroleum to continue its operations in Iran.

    Deep down somewhere inside you, you are already agreeing with me ;)

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