Business Diversity in Rahimyar Khan

Posted on May 20, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Following photo appeared in the daily Dawn of May 18, 2008. It sohws a small business stall in Rahimyar Khan, Pakistan. What caught my attention to this photo is the sheer diversity of business being caried out from this small stall. The Urdu words written on the stall advertise for ‘desi’ Eggs, a public telephone call office and EZ load Cellular phone SIMs. All of these products and services are available here. And as if this was not diverse enough, the stall is also selling smuggled Iranian petrol at a rate much cheaper than Pakistan State oil’s prices. Note funnels and bottles full of cheap Iranian petrol on top of the stall.

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13 responses to “Business Diversity in Rahimyar Khan”

  1. Asma says:

    Plight of the time … agree with Razi here !!

  2. Razi says:

    What we are seeing here is an exercise in Survival. With the skyrocketing prices of every day necessities

  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ It is indeed ” artistic activities ” of our small vendors
    selling eggs, gasoline and SIMs side by side in open air,
    so that the disaster could be asd ” open air ” as possible,
    azher aslam should not encourage Owais Mughal,

    Ham to doobay hein sanam,
    tum ko bhi lay doobaein gay

    no thanks, not Nigeria please.

  4. azhar aslam says:

    Oh my GOD. I am even more incensed now. IThe following are the conclusions form the report quoted by Raheed Sahib. I rest my bloody case. All you inferiority-ridden babies leave them alone.

    Based on our analyses, the ignition of flammable vapors at a gasoline station by a cell phone is a
    highly unlikely event. While the cell phone cannot be ruled out as a potential ignition source
    under all physically possible scenarios, numerous other more likely ignition sources are present
    during the normal process of refueling a vehicle. This conclusion is supported by the following
    1. No confirmed incidents of fires at gasoline stations started by cell phones have been
    2. Combustible vapors produced during fueling will not generally collect in regions of
    probable cell phone operation.
    3. The small openings present in a typical cell phone

  5. azhar aslam says:

    I never comment but this is too much. you are sad, commentators 1 to 3. get a life. when was the last time you got out of your ensconsed ivory towers to feel what the real life is like. how dare you stupidly go on about health and safety and find it dangerous and funny. and your info about cell phones is completley incorrect and based on spurious reports. There is NO evidence of this. You have shown your own ‘Jahiliyaat’ and shallowness by trying to portray the sellers and customers as naive and ignorant. And owais well done. keep them coming.

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