Posted on May 20, 2008
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13 responses to “Business Diversity in Rahimyar Khan”

  1. Rasheed says:

    Azhar, in my original post, I didn’t mean that the cell phones could be the only cause of ignition of the petrol on the table, sorry if it came across that way. The obvious omnipresent smokers of Pakistan would be the primary concern.

    Regarding Rafay’s reference to Nigeria, where 100+ ppl died, check this out: m

    In this case, the fire was caused by a bulldozer damaging the pipes, but occasionally, people make holes in the pipes to steal fuel.

    Sadly how true are the other examples a few of you gave, such as the poor riding on the roofs of minibuses :-(

    But please, Owais, don’t take these comments to mean criticism against you for having posted that picture. I think it is not only newsworthy but also necessary in order for us to stay aware about our streets and what peop;e have to do in order to make ends meet. And it is quite entertaining in the broader sense :)

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    I agree with Razi’s comment here that is most likely an exercise of survival. People are likely to experiment with any business that can fetch them money.

    I chose this photo because inspite of its underlying tone of economic woes it still brought a smile to me.

    Never before have I seen domesticated chicken eggs (a primitive product) being sold at a Public telephone Call Office which by the way was also sells smuggled petrol on the side as well as sells mobile SIMs. This all diversity of businesses carried out for the world all together on a roughly 5’x2’x4′ table.

  3. Faraz says:

    To the people who have safety concerns about this: you have spent way too much time outside of Pakistan :P

    This a country where buses often carry three times the number of passengers they are designed for. Safety shimafety!