ATP Quiz – Guess what is it and where in Pakistan?

Posted on June 18, 2008
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Quiz in PakistanI think many ATP readers would find this one very interesting. This is a famous place located somewhere in Pakistan.

Can you guess what is it and exactly where in Pakistan? If you know about this thing, please share as many details as you can. Happy guessing.

Note: We will let you know about the photographer and his website after few days.

23 responses to “ATP Quiz – Guess what is it and where in Pakistan?”

  1. Dharmesh Vasa says:

    Jain Tamples of Nagarparkar city at Thar desert in Pakistan.

  2. yasser latif hamdani says:

    My guess would’ve been Kitas Raj but I am clearly off.

  3. Darwaish says:

    Well here is the answer for all of you. As rightly guessed by Mariya, Imran and Meenu, it is indeed Jain Temple located in Nagarparker or Nangarparkar (also called Rinn of Kacch) in Thar Desert Pakistan.

    A famous city in Sindh, Nagarparkar has many historical sites such as Karoonjhar (mainly dry hilly area), Bodhesar mosque and many Jain temples. The temple in the photograph is one of the Gorhi or Gorri temple belonging to heritage of Jainism and Hiduism. Currently, it is in very bad condition and if the conversation work doesn

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