Posted on July 7, 2008
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18 responses to “Shandur Festival: Polo at the Roof of the World”

  1. Hammad Tariq says:

    Shandur festival is the only event in the northern areas which never stopped itself from taking place due to recent terrorism wave. Events like this give us hope that Pakistan is still a country where people love the fun and sports/cultural activities. May Allah bless Pakistan and may this event passes peacefully this time of year as well.

  2. Yasir says:

    Dear Amina & fouzia,

    I’ve recently visited Gilgit and adjacent areas (Mar 09). These places are really beautiful and worth watching. The people are very hospitable and there is no issue of being unsafe there.
    I really appreciate ur gesture about Pakistan Amina. I feel the same in Gilgit but i must told you ppl are not separate from us. u are a part of us. Gilgit is as important as Karachi is. I can show you several important cities and sites which are in the mainstream but no development has been done so far from last 60 years. Actually we have scarcity of true leaders. Current leaders are looking for their benefits not people benefits.
    Pak Army is the true picture of unity. No one is Balti, Punjabi, Pashtun etc. in Pak Army. They are Pakistani i.e why Balti shed their blood in Kargil and the others are shedding their blood in Siachin.
    I hope you will understand all such things. So be Pakistani, Proud Pakistani. That is the ladder for success.
    Your well wisher.

  3. FYSAL says:

    i wish to go Shandoor.. i love Skerdu..realy.. ahh..realy want to go there..