Posted on July 8, 2008
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19 responses to “Campus Career Portal Launched for Pakistani Universities”

  1. There were queries about the United Nations partnership with ROZEE.PK …FYI…

    Also HEC portal launched with ROZEE.PK. Official ceremony on Feb 12th 2009 at HEC auditorium

  2. Iqbal Khan says:

    ROZEE.PK’s Career Portal Initiative is not a “job board” as the BrightSpyre folks here keep mentioning. Job boards are unimaginative and Rozee understands that it’s not about simply building websites; it’s about building solutions that add value with technology as a medium. The Campus Career Portal Initiative is complete solution for campus placement offices to help connect their students and alumni with ROZEE.PK’s 15,000 employers.

    It’s comical to think that ROZEE.PK would copy anything from BrightSpyre, which frankly is a disaster. Just interact with the two companies and you’ll instantly realize the difference.

  3. ? ? ? ? says:

    aisha you mentioned about the challenges faced by top employers like Mobilink and UN? btw what are the projects you are working with UN?

    because most of the career portals for UN are powered by BRIGHTSPYRE.COM like, UNDP, UNFPA,UNV, UNHABIT – and you can even see the newspaper advertisements on dawn, the news for BrightSpyre career portals. BrightSpyre are serving prestigious agencies of UN since 2002.

    I think one should be very specific in giving information to the end users and avoid tactics of using big names as their clients.

    For references of BrightSpyre powered career sites, please see the links





    Thanks !!

  4. Mustafa says:

    Oh Its Rozee!

    If you want to see rozee’s future products just logon to because rozee always follow BrightSpyre because they are very much inspire from BrightSpyre.

    Now I am waiting to see resume writing service with the tag line ‘First time in Pakistan’

    kindly log on to and see the dates when BrightSpyre launched first University job board and then see where rozee stand after saying first time in pakistan.