Inspiration Pakistan: Hope Lives

Posted on September 22, 2008
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Owais Mughal

In this time of despair when enemies of my beloved country are openly wreaking havoc with the civilized way of living. Where enemies of Pakistan destroyed a Rs 800 million Grid Station and cut Natural Gas supply to whole Swat region within last 24 hours, I found some solace in this photo.

This picture gives me hope.

Hope survives. Hope must survive. Hope must never be allowed to die.

Taken on August 2, 2008 by Akram Ali in Hyderabad, it shows a lady hailing from a temporary housing raising Pakistani flag to celebrate August 14 while her children look on.

One could ask her what was she celebrating? Apparently the luxuries offered by Pakistan to the elite have passed her by BUT she seems full of hope and love for her country. Hope for a prosperous-for-all Pakistan is one thing we should never loose.

She gives me hope. Hope survives. Hope must survive. Hope must never be allowed to die.

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  1. Ali Dada says:

    Let me tell you one thing about Pakistan…

    It is the country which refuses to leave you. Once you have been there, even for couple of days, it grows onto you.

    All the problems, all the miseries of Pakistan are automatically forgotten when one remembers Pakistan while being away from it.

    I am lucky that I am a Pakistani. Only 1 in 200+ chance to be a Pakistani – I really feel that Allah SWT has given me the best gift on this Earth.

    Inshallah, despite Pakistan kay haalat, I intend to return to Pakistan once my education is complete. Nothing like contributing to your economy.

  2. Adil Marvi says:

    Hope is a good thing, probably the best thing; the problem with our nation is that we have started to depend on it.

    Hope, my friends, is ignorance. We were hopeful that Americans won’t ditch us this time that we let them in after 9/11, we’re hopefull that good days will come once again when this nation has only been declining since the past 60 years, we’re hopeful that a country created on the 27th of Ramadan can never be written off (what a farce! don’t you know we already lost half of the country in ’71), we’re hopeful that our nuclear weapons will ensure our existence. It is because of this hope that we’ve never gotten out of our slumber to face the reality. Hope and its cousin Inshallah is our nod of submission when faced with real challenges.

    The reason this country survived after 1947 is because ppl did something to run it rather than sit and let hope run us over.

    Wake up guys, we’re at war. They will destroy us because the world has accepted that it is ok to eliminate the weak if they can’t stand up for themselves. We lost half of this country in ’71; our enemies are bend upon breaking it into further pieces if we don’t stop living with the idea of ‘hope and Inshallah’

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  3. The hope is you fellow civilian, the hope is me. but my hope is that one day the neglected pathans of our sarhad will be calmed down and will be looked after with education, health, development and self-autonomy, not just in governance but in religion and the elites wont as usual inject their version of life unto them but rather bring out the commonalities for bridge building, im sure even then, these angry souls will be inspired enough to bring us all back to our roots….

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