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Posted on September 24, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Following is something I wrote 20 years ago for Adamjee College‘s annual Magazine. Time flies guys! While going through my stuff today, I found the magazine and thought of sharing the article here. Pardon me if some of the write up appears too lame in 2008. Imagine that I was just a first year teenage student then. While some of the text may appear to be sarcasm, I am very proud of my college and I hope many of our readers will be able to relate to their college life in Pakistan.

I was able to find following two photos at flickr of Adamjee College’s main gate. This photos are courtesy of Zain Yoonas.


36 responses to “Adamjee Science College”

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    Nourina: Urdu teacher’s name is Nazmi Saheb. He was the editor of Urdu maganzine when I submitted the above article for publication.

  2. nourina karim says:

    AOA, i am a student of xi. can i get the contact number of proffesor bazmi or nazmi? (i dont know the correct name), but someone told me that he was a proffesor of urdu in adamjee college. i want to take tution from him.. if anyone has his contact number so please please let me know.. i really need it…

  3. Fahad Khan says:

    I still remember Nazmi Sahab, the Urdu teacher :-) I took tution from him due to my language problem…

  4. Fahad Khan says:

    Well I did intermediate from Adamjee in 2003…I remember Mr. Ahmed who teached Mathematics and Javed Siddiqui who was the principal then, he used to teach Chemistry.

    The college is still better than many colleges, atleast the teachers attend classes properly…

  5. saqib says:

    i think government colleges sucks and i don’t wanna be the student of government colleges…….

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