Adamjee Science College

Posted on September 24, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Following is something I wrote 20 years ago for Adamjee College‘s annual Magazine. Time flies guys! While going through my stuff today, I found the magazine and thought of sharing the article here. Pardon me if some of the write up appears too lame in 2008. Imagine that I was just a first year teenage student then. While some of the text may appear to be sarcasm, I am very proud of my college and I hope many of our readers will be able to relate to their college life in Pakistan.

I was able to find following two photos at flickr of Adamjee College’s main gate. This photos are courtesy of Zain Yoonas.


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  1. hamza says:

    lol………………IF u see the college today…………u will forget u r days………….and specially due to A.P.M.S.O.

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