Posted on May 11, 2009
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65 responses to “Bareli to Balakot: Story of a Battle and a Dutiful Donkey”

  1. varshini says:

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    Opp New Bus Stand,
    Sivagangai (Dt). Tamilnadu, India
    Ph : 95853 65217

  2. Hum Dum says:

    Some 58 Islamic countries on earth and not one lives in peace. And there are stupid people who think we can live in peace along them. If anyone has funny ideas, they should listen to Tarek Fatah, Pushpendra Kulshreshta, RSN Singh speeches on Youtube. Islam is a bane to humanity and there is enough evidence to prove it.

  3. Virendra Kumar says:

    I have seen the comments of Bankim Chandra and so many . While it is certainly not right to preach terrorism and violence , please remember that those who are not ready to defend themselves will perish as a community. While I do agree there are so many genuine Muslims all over, unfortunatley they are out numbered and their opinion does not have any decisive influence , this is the reason why we have so many Jehadis or terrorists moving all around the world.

  4. Hate never helps. In the modern times we must stay away from terrorism. Pakistan has a potential to grow but has a serious challenge within. Only the people of Pakistan can take the corrective measure. In the modern world no other nation is being so much misused unfortunately.

    All religions preach peace and i have many Muslim and Sikh friends. Based on my understanding the barbaric time is over . Now we mush look at the future challenges like food and water crisis. The way water is becoming scarce in India and Pakistan. We must immediately start looking at it.

    Once again as an indian and a firm beliver in all faiths. I will say that Pakistan has massive talent and only pakistanis can give the correct direction. It also appears that Imran khan is a better PM.


    Its funny, how you guys demonize Sikh and praise yourself. May be that Hoor was God sent to save Sikhs from Islamic barbarism. Sikhs have as much God given right to live in peace and happiness on this Earth as Muslims. Live and let Live! One thing for sure, no one can know God’s plans, and wonderful ways, no matter what Sikhs or Muslims or Hindus or Christian or even non-believers planned in the past or will plan in the future! So, please don’t underestimate the power of Allah or Waheguru or God or other names you may want to call Him! There is only One and He will protect as much as Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims!