A Story in 3 Pictures: Of Defiance, Hope, and Need

Posted on May 24, 2009
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Adil Najam

The three pictures in this post need little by way of commentary. Between them they present three facets of the unfolding IDPs story that will, one way or the other, help define Pakistan’s future. All three are pictures of internally displaced Pakistanis (IDPs). But much more than that, these are pictures about each one of us. These are pictures about their defiance, their hopes, and their needs. But these must also become pictures of our defiance, our hopes and our continuing resolve to help them meet those needs.

The first picture, above, must serve as a reminder to all of us of what this is all about. Who the IDPs are. In whose name they have been ‘displaced.’ And why this must be a story about all of us. The second picture is the type of picture I hope we will see more of; and soon. It shows a bus returning to Buner as at least part of the region has now been cleared of Pakistan’s enemies. But it is the third picture that we must not forget. It is a picture of the immediatcy of and the enormity of the relief needs that are still needed and which will continue to be needed; even if we did see many more pictures like the middle one (which I earnestly hope we will).

It is in meeting these immediate needs that allof us can play a real role, no matter where we are. ATP readers have already contributed upwards of US$ 5500 ($3500 through direct contributions, and $2000 from our Ads). We have now sent US$ 2000 to the Edhi Foundation in Pakistan and US$ 2000 to UNHCR. We continue to collect and intend to make a third tranche of contribution soon. As always, do let us know of other good ways to get the IDPs the support they need.

17 responses to “A Story in 3 Pictures: Of Defiance, Hope, and Need”

  1. Farrukh says:

    In the 5 days left, I hope you will reach the $5000 mark. Keep up the good work.

  2. PAISTANI says:

    ATP is doing a great service. Also saw Mr. Najam on Geo raising funds and it was very impressive to see corores of rupees he was raising there. This is the real Pakistani spirit. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.


    About 2.8 Million IDPs in Pakistan are looking forward to international World to Help. In which, about 66,000 are women who are pragnents and ready to deliver their child next moth, while 1000 of them requires delivery by serious operatrion & medical care (according to UN Agencies reports).

    Let they go back to their territories ASAP, and Pakistan law enforcement agencies check & announce that their Areas have been cleared and Check-posts at each corner of residential streets with watchmen & guards of local language speaking personals for protection of their local residents have been established of good citizens.

    Any delay in completion of operation searching houses & peoples at every nook & corner of Swat area, is going to make on-going human delimma into worst-to-disastrous ‘politically-destablizing’ region i.e. clearly visible and I would like you to share my ‘visionary-radar’ enabling you any betterment of the situation to contribute for.

  4. Sajjad says:

    I hope Pakistanis can ignore the bigoted and racist messages propagated by the likes of MQM and JSQM and can truly come together to help their brothers and sisters in need. These people should be free to go anywhere in the country as that is their right. These proud people are not in this situation by their choice. I have been to Swat several times and each time I was amazed by the generousity and hospitality of the local people. I hope the rest of Pakistanis can now return similar kind of hospitality to the IDPs.

  5. Saba says:

    Pakistan will remain inshallah till last day

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