ATP Quiz: What is Glittering in Boston?

Posted on July 13, 2009
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Owais Mughal

On our recent trip to Boston, we saw this Pakistani jewellery set on display in a Museum there. Do you want to take a guess on how did this set reach Boston from Pakistan?

Hint: Think Presidential! By the way this jewellery set consists of gold, pearls and other gemstones.

I’ll share the name of the museum, and other details about this in a few of days.

17 responses to “ATP Quiz: What is Glittering in Boston?”

  1. Voyageur says:

    I think the same as ‘Kavi’; or may be some similar event took these jewels to Boston.

    @ Rabi
    LoL. What a ‘logical’ approach!

  2. ABSM says:

    @Think presidential.. Zardari is wot comes to mind. Maybe this set belonged to BB. =)

    BTW I find this set quite hideous. Dunno y.. the colorful gemstones nd everything.. its more like Zarda Pallao than anything else. Jus my opinion nd choice. No offense for all those who appreciate the “zarda art”. =)

  3. SH Kavi says:

    I think this jewellery set was gifted to Jackie Kennedy during her visit to Pakistan in early 60s by then President Ayub Khan.

  4. Rabi says:

    I know, this is the set Zardari gave to Sarah Palin when he proposed to her ! Obviously she refused and placed it in Museum.

  5. Aziz says:

    Yes…I know. This is the set purchased by Shumaila Rana with that stolen credit card :)

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