Midas Touch in Lahore

Posted on August 6, 2009
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Owais Mughal

Youth are seen doing mud wrestling on the banks of BRB extension canal in Lahore. Date of Photo is May 12, 2009. The brown-golden color of mud in an afternoon sun is what makes this and the next photo special. The Midas Touch!

Photo Credits: Masood

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6 responses to “Midas Touch in Lahore”

  1. Waheed says:

    And the uber rich will call this a mud spa massage and pay big bucks for it.

    Aah for the simple pleasures of life

  2. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “wow… nice idea to kill germs or invite them :p”
    – “man dont be afraid of gemrs this is a fantastic game for health”
    – “Ya…Looks like they r playing WILD Kabad-D…lolx”
    – “Good-Time Happy-Fun!”
    – “they are playing like wlid animals………..”

  3. adeel says:

    Lovely photos; perfect title.

  4. Raheel says:

    Grr! These guys are enjoying.

  5. Adam Insaan says:

    ..just look like the expression masque d`visage,
    face-mask took a new dimension.

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