Posted on August 10, 2009
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20 responses to “Pakistani in Bradistan: Green at Heart”

  1. coolest gadgets says:

    Awesome to see pakistani at abroad celebrate winning in this jubilation .. :)

  2. Bradistan says:

    Celebrating Pakistan Day in Bradistan,whereelse Oak Lane Lumb lane with Cars full of Boys with Pakistani flags #RT

  3. Today & tomorrow (12th & 13th June) everyone is welcome to Bradistan Mela Peel Park Bradford. -post-this-is-bradistan.html

    #Bradford #Festival #2010

  4. Guys, thanks for featuring Bradistan in Pakistaniat Gallery.

  5. Hi Gerry

    Your admiration for all things Pakistani is inspirational.I am these insights are result of long career in academics,mentoring and supporting ethenic minority students in UK.

    Pakistani students,professors,scientists,doctors and business people have proved themselves to be among the best in the world.

    Terrorism and extremism is a recent phenomenon (a legacy of Islamist dictatorship) and I am sure Pakistan will come out of it through poltical and cultural determination.