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Posted on August 18, 2009
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Shehryar Hydri

If Pakistan were a 100 people…

Each person would symbolize 1.73 million people.
That’s almost twice the population of Islamabad!

49 would be women and girls
51 would be men and boys

38 would be children under 15
58 would be adults between 15-60 years and
4 would be 60 and older

The median age would be just 21 years!
Average life expectancy would be 64 years.

36 would be living in cities
59 would live in villages
4 would be settled outside Pakistan
1 would be a refugee from Afghanistan

54 would be in the Punjab
22 would be in Sindh
15 would be in NWFP & FATA
5 would be in Balochistan
2 would be in Azad Kashmir
1 would be in the Northern Areas

As their first language,
44 would speak Punjabi
15 would speak Pashto
14 would speak Sindhi
10 would speak Saraiki
8 would speak Urdu
4 would speak Balochi

10 would speak English as a second language

96 would be Muslims
4 would be Christians, Hindus and from other religions

Overall, only half the population would be literate
35 girls and women would be able to read and write; 65 would not
55 boys and men would be able to read and write; 45 would not

76 would be living under $2 a day i.e. Rs. 160 per day.
Out of these, 31 will survive on $1 a day i.e. Rs. 80 per day.

3 would be addicted to drugs like Heroine, Hashish (Chars), Poppy buds (Bhung).

90 would have access to safe drinking water; 10 would not
58 people would have proper sanitation; 42 would not

30 would have access to vehicles like bikes, cars, buses etc

75 would have access to electricity;25 would be living in darkness
Only 20 would have gas in their homes

50 would own a mobile phone
3 would have access to a land line
50 would have access to a TV set
96 would have access to a radio set

Only 12 would have internet access

After one year, 2 people will be added to the population.
That’s 4 new cities the size of Islamabad!

100Pakistanis is an initiative (and blog) started with the aim of sifting through existing information on Pakistan and presenting it in a concise and revealing way, ranging from simple lists and slide-shows to animated infographics. We hope that these “capsules” will refresh our perception of Pakistan and highlight key issues based on hard facts and data. Visit the 100Pakistanis blog.

30 responses to “100 Pakistanis”

  1. Irfan says:

    Good work guys. Very compelling and useful picture of what the country is. keep it up.

  2. Watan Aziz says:

    90 would have access to safe drinking water; 10 would not
    58 people would have proper sanitation; 42 would not

    Nothing since the slapping of the Chief Justice of Pakistan has touched my sense of sensibility. Even Mark Twain would reword and utter Lies, damned lies, and these are not even statistics.

    I think of the keshan, with his roza, working under the blazing sun, skin wrinkled with time and sun, toiling away in the fields to grow a crop, to earn the national exchequer; then blown away by those who have contempt for him. Where does he find his

  3. Shehryar says:

    Thanks again to everyone who helped update the list with more accurate references. The updated figures and sources/notes have been added to the original blog.


  4. Watan Aziz says:

    0.5 Pakistanis

    Live in Islamabad
    Rob Pakistani national treasurers
    Live in glass bubble
    Devoid of reality of Pakistan
    Have no clue to question if it is possible
    90 could have safe drinking water?
    58 could have proper sanitation?
    30 could have vehicles like bikes, cars, buses etc?
    75 could have electricity?
    20 could have gas in their homes?
    50 could own a mobile phone?
    3 could have a land line?
    50 could have a TV set?
    96 could have a radio set?
    12 could have internet?

    In my opinion, these 0.5 Pakistani:
    are spoiled brats
    are arrogant
    behave ungratefully
    are illiterate educated
    do not wonder what is

  5. Shehryar says:

    Thanks for all the positive comments. We’re also inviting suggestions/wish lists from people on what sort of info they’d like to see on the blog in future. We’re shortlisting topics that cover our basics such HDI, Balance of Payments, Budgets, Socio-Economic indicators etc and also trying to take each section of the 100 list and expand on that e.g. a separate detailed capsule on Health, Education, IT and so on.

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