Karachi Crimes: Moving Violations

Posted on September 7, 2009
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Naeem Sadiq

It is more difficult to detect a suspicious looking person as compared to a suspicious looking vehicle. While the former requires some understanding of psychology and human behaviour, the later is a comparatively simple affair, based on an individual’s ability to recognise if the moving object on the road is in fact a vehicle and if it is carrying or not, a registered number plate.

Just to give you an example, I find most politicians very suspicious looking. That is however not a good reason for me to report against them. However each time I leave my house, I easily recognise a large number of vehicles which have either no number plate or an illegal number plate such as “Zinda Hey BB”, ‘Laghari1’, “Durrani 2″, ‘lashari 3”, “Bhutto 4”, “Junagarh 5”, “MNA’, “MPA”, “Chief of jhalayan tribe”, etc etc.

In one interesting case some half a dozen vehicles owned by the same individual carry the same number plate “VII”. Most of these vehicles belong to ministers, parliamentarians and other powerful law breakers of the land. This blatant breach of law is visible to all those hundreds of policemen, who remain dutifully engaged in stopping the two wheelers for extracting their pound of flesh, but whose eyes are carefully trained not to recognise the violating vehicles of the powerful and unlawful urban militants.

These pictures, taken at random in Karachi in the past few weeks, just to give you a feel of the size of the problem. You will also appreciate that most big crime is conducted by big people in big vehicles. So the trick is to go after the big.

We need to begin by prosecuting the small crimes by big people, so that they can never get to the big crimes they will ultimately do otherwise: no number plate, unlawful number plate, any sign such as MPA, that hides the original number plate, armed guards, black tinted glasses etc. Intensive training should then be organised for police force in vehicular recognition, the design, types and need for number plates, what is an illegal number plate, and how to stop, challan and if required confiscate such vehicles.

On a lighter note, a half decent title, and a suitable packaging such as “Access to Road Justice,” would easily qualify the project for a handsome ADB loan.

If only the police were to enforce this very basic and visible violation of law, its respect would go up many times in the eyes of the public, which may then develop some trust in reporting the events that are actually not visible to the police.

ATP Editors Note: These photographs are from Karachi but such violations are found everywhere and the problem is nationwide.

21 responses to “Karachi Crimes: Moving Violations”

  1. naeem sadiq says:

    For the information of those interested in this issue.
    The newspaper “ad” that triggered this debate was placed by City Police Chief and CPLC. The ad was carried by using tax payers’ money. Both the e mails as well as the phone numbers given in the newspaper ad do NOT respond. Clearly the whole thing was an exercise in self projection and fooling the public.

  2. ShahidnUSA says:

    Akhwani wa Akhwati,
    Ila Muntaka Karatshi,
    Rajalun Yamoot Wala Ahad Yussall e khofun Min Al Theqiqat.
    Lehaza Yujib Tofeer ul hamaya ela Arwahil Naas.

    Shukran Jaziran
    Illal liqa Ma Asalam!

  3. Kashif says:

    Very well highlighted. Actually this problem involves our so called leaders of the nation. Very sad …very very sad situation. I totally agree with you all and this things needs to be highlighted in more powerful way till it is addressed properly.

  4. naeem sadiq says:

    I am happy that the issue is considered important by so many of you. I think the discussion should move on to its next logical level. Are we willing to organise ourselves to do something about this menace. A protest. A newspaper article. A meet the police chief or the chief minister. A newspaper ad that includes pictures of this urban militancy. A series of mass letters to police chief. or any thing else. If we can get organised, and create enough pressure, we can lick this problem in a few months.

  5. TTV India says:

    Interesting article. Well the region is definitely infested with such high headed clergy’s and their kith and kin. India is no different. We have such so called Samaaj and Sarkaar key Thekedaar here as well. Red Beacon’s on top when not allowed, illegal number plates, all sorts of contrband activities in their VIP vehicles etc etc. While the police like in this article is trained to look the other way round. And leaves no chance of extracting its pound of flesh from the common man. This high headedness is nothing but the lack of basic discipline. Indiscipline is what causes us to behave like we are larger than life itself and also total disrespect for all else.

    I have a strong feeling that the Education system of the sub continent lacks a lot. It fails to teach the basics of civic life and sense. I remember when in school, from fourth grade onwards we had a subject called CIVICs. Irony was that it was a 20 mark subject clubbed with History (which carried 80 marks). Civics was supposed to teach us almost everything about CIVIC sense and also to certain extent the laws of the land and the basic discipline of life and living in a civilised world. The marks assigned to the subject itself shows how serious the education system is in educating its students about everything which is a basic need to live in a civilised world.

    Also, someone pointed out about catching the big fish by penalising these blatant law breaking on roads. I do agree with it. I strongly feel that if the state agencies want to educate and enforce some respect for the laws of the lands, the easiest way is to use the TRAFFIC Police for that. Today almost everyone who drives any vehicle, is used to breaking signals, and laws on the roads blatantly. Enforcing the law on such absurd behaviour would imbibe some respect for law in general amongst the citizens. It can prove to be biggest tool in disciplining the masses without causing much uproar or a high handed approach by the agencies. All it needs is the will to do so by the ones in the power circles of the land.

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