Posted on September 13, 2009
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17 responses to “suno! aaj meethay mein kia hai?…Fruit Custard”

  1. Gautam says:

    May I hazard a guess from recent experiences with BOTH Sri Lankan & Indian “custard powders” that turned out to be nothing more than corn starch tinged yellow and flavored with all manner of noxious chemicals? From what little I understand about the contemporary Pakistan scene of boxed custards from TV cooking shows [courtesy ARY Zauq etc.!!!], things do not appear any more promising.

    With some creative flair a la “yummy scrummy Farah Jahanzaib Khan”, you could even thicken chicken corn soup from a box of this stuff, and pass it off to your desi cousins as the latest & last miracle from El Bulli, which only you got to taste before they closed.

    I remember, decades ago [5 or more!], when Polson’s tinned custard powder actually did taste a bit like the real thing. Since that time, this other horror has insinuated itself into the belief system of the younger generation as “CUSTARD”. It certainly is not, and tastes nothing like the real thing even when tarted up with whipped cream [what a waste!], mangoes [ditto] and such.

    This horrid thing is made into a slurry with water and stirred into simmering milk, in the right proportions, then cooled. For the same amount of trouble one may take some half & half [half cream, half whole milk], the proportion being 1 cup per 1 large egg + 1 egg yolk. Simmer the doodh. In a separate bowl whisk the eggs with a teaspoon of corn or tapioca starch, more if you need a thicker sauce such as a pastry cream. Sugar & vanilla or other essence to your taste. You know all this very well. Shut off heat. Add milk to egg, liase, then back to pot, cook gently. Make a fluid custard sauce or thick English cream, by changing the amounts of starch in the egg mix.

  2. Binte says:

    I think your custard initially was lassi-like bc you have to let the custard chill and wait for it to set to a thicker form. Also, its possible to whip it with a hand held or electric beater to make it more fluffy.
    You can also add cake, jelly and/or mango pieces to the dessert afterwards.