Posted on October 4, 2009
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20 responses to “Remembering Prof. Faheem Hussain (1942-2009)”

  1. Professor Abdur Rahim Choudhary says:

    It has been long years since we lost Faheem Hussain. I had met him only twice. Once for about a week in 1970 during the Heidelberg Summer School. Second time it was for about 30 minutes in the Summer of 2003 at Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics; when I was passing through as a tourist.
    These were brief and rather chance meetings, yet they left a lasting fondness for Faheem in my heart.

  2. Amol says:

    As a young Indian researcher in Trieste near the end of the millennium, I had the chance to interact closely with Faheem for almost two years. He was the mentor for many young physicists, and apart from academic matters, he was the friend (age and authority notwithstanding) with whom you could enjoy good food, books, music, cricket, and unending discussions about all of the above.

    He will be missed, and fondly remembered, by people of many nationalities.

  3. Anis Dani says:

    Mudh qadeem es duniya andar do qabeeley aey ne
    Hik jinhan ney zehr peetey, hik jinhan ney piyaye ne.

    This verse, which I remember from the 1970s when I first met Faheem at QAU is a fitting tribute to him. Faheem was a source of inspiration to many of us in the heady 70s. His combination of good science, uncompromising politics and humanitarianism was rare and will be sorely missed. Even today there is ample evidence that false nationalism and unfounded paranoia allow our politicians to hoodwink public opinion and undermine our polity’s ability to engage the comity of nations with confidence that democracy is here to stay. Faheem was always able to see through the political economy interests of those who benefit from weak civil institutions. For that he paid a price. But through it all he never gave up his cheerful demeanour and his humility.

    We owe it to Faheem to keep his memory and his ideas alive.

  4. Hameed Jahangiri says:

    I first met Dr Faheem Hussain when I was about 12 years old in my parents home in Islamabad. My father was his legal adviser-one of few who had courage to defend him and Dr Omar in brutal martial courts. I can still see ever soft smile of Dr. Hussain which sounded like buzz of honey bee. One day I will tell my grand kids that I met a great man who was free thinker and scientist in most difficult times, InshaAllah.

  5. Junaid says:

    I had the honour of studying the history text books of Jane.

    Her books are used by Singapore Book emporium as text books for history in O levels and Senior Cambridge.