Posted on October 19, 2009
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30 responses to “Why Do People Hate You?”

  1. Will Power says:

    You should spell your last name as Ahmad, not Akhmad.

  2. amina says:

    Man I got smile on my face after long time. Creative and funny

  3. Omer says:

    i really like the response of Chaudry sahib..

  4. NAM says:

    Very funny — and profound.

  5. Usman says:

    Aziz Akhmad; bravo.

    I think the media has been too busy writting against some of the people who are not that evil infact who dispite their health are active in politics.

    There are worse people messing around with the country.
    i.e. We blame Musharaf for dictatorship, but PPP and PMLN are bigger dictators, the party leadership is passed on to children, both the parties riged election in their times while Musharaf gets the credit of fairest election in our history, both the parties controled media while Musharaf allowed freedom of speech, both were dismissed twice on corruption elegations while there is no corruption case on Musharaf, both the parties kicked out presidents and CJs while Musharaf filed a reference against the CJ and temporarily removed him (which is a legal action practiced even in our colleges but ofcourse that lead to refusal from the bench etc)….

    I am not saying Ch.Shujaat is a saint but we should atleast regard him as a senior politician who is active in our politics despite his medical condition.