Posted on December 13, 2009
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38 responses to “Majeed Amjad: The Poet Less Remembered”

  1. Talat Afroze says:

    December 31st, 2010.
    Dear Fawwad Zakariya Bhai:
    Assalaam Alaikum. I am a big fan of Majeed Amjad since 1977 when I bought and started reading Shab-e-Rafta kay Baad…. during my college days at Forman Christian College, Lahore.
    I have just launched my web site ( dedicated to modern Urdu poetry. Majeed Amjad will be the central attraction of my web site! I am also working on a screenplay depicting the life of this great poet.
    Your father, Mohtaram Dr. Khawaja Mohammad Zakariya is my hero since he compiled Kulliyaat e Majeed Amjad which was published by Mohtaram Khalid Shareef of Maawaraa in 1988!! (As an aside, Dr. Zakariya is also my distant Uncle since my father (Khawaja Mohammad Shafi) and the recently deceased Mrs. Shaista Kirmani (wife of Ahmad Saeed Kirmani) were first cousins.)
    But that is beside the point.
    The real reason I am writing to you is to have my request forwarded to your father. Dr. Zakariya noted in the preface to Kulliyaat e Majeed Amjad (p. 33) that he received a very valuable “register” or journal from Mr. Abdul Rasheed (the person who compiled Shab e Rafta kay Baad, the collection that came out immediately after Majeed Amjad’s death) . This journal or manuscript contains the entire early poems of Majeed Amjad. Due to space and time constraints, Dr. Zakariya only selected some of the poems from this early manuscript for publication in the Kulliyaat of 1988.
    I would like to request Dr. Zakariya to kindly make the contents of this journal/register/manuscript available to serious fans of Majeed Amjad. The best way would be to use a Hewlitt-Packard or HP scanner (priced around $80) and convert all of the 500 or so pages of this manuscript containing all early poems of Majeed Amjad into pdf files and upload it onto a web site so that everyone can gain access to it. I would like to offer my web site as a repository for this invaluable literary treasure.
    Please convey my message to your father. I can be reached via my email ( I look forward to hearing from you and especially from Dr. Zakariya.
    I would be most grateful for any help you can provide in making Majeed Amjad’s early work available to his fans.
    Warm regards
    Talat Afroze, Toronto, Canada.

  2. coolest gadgets says:

    why we are not producing these sort of great poets now a days thats the sad news and big question mark :)

  3. Fawad says:

    @ATP: thanks so much for including this video as I had not seen this before. This is indeed an extremely rare recording.

    @Osman: I have included the outlines of his personal life but I am confused about your comment about controversies. Majeed Amjad was an intensely private and extremely introverted person and uncontroversial in almost all respects so it would be helpful if you could elaborate what you mean.