ATP Quiz: na bhindi hai na tinda hai

Posted on January 10, 2010
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Owais Mughal

na bhindi hai na tinda hai
jaan buhat sharminda hai

What is it?

The photo here shows a tractor-trolley full of a seasonal crop brought to Lahore for sale. From the post title I’ve already given you two hints that it is neither bhindi (okra) nor tinda (English word for ‘tinda’ is unknown to me). So what else could it be? Answer to this quiz has been revealed in comments section below under my name.
Photo Credits: Rana Imran.

23 responses to “ATP Quiz: na bhindi hai na tinda hai

  1. Farrukh Bokhari says:

    Phul Gobi

  2. Omer Bangash says:

    You can call it, “Puthi Gobi” :)

  3. Eliya says:

    Its Aloe Vera.

  4. sidhas says:

    Pakistani transporters of goods are quite ingenious the way they fill up the space with goods.

    The shipping and logistic carriers (UPS, FEDEX etc.) would benefit from Pakistani logisticians.

    The most negative point with Pakistani shippers that is obvious that being they are unsafe as they over load trucks. This is also a common problem with us (pakistanis) passengers. We pack our luggage to a point where one can easily break his back.

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