Posted on April 15, 2010
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20 responses to “Iqbal’s Heidelberg; Heidelberg’s Iqbal”

  1. WK Rashid says:

    Allama Iqbal was a man of many letters, including being the greatest Urdu poet of his era, lawyer from Lincolns Inn London, PhD from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Politician and a Sufi. He is immensely celebrated in Iran since half of his verse is in Persian.

    Besides his mausoleum in Lahore, Iqbal’s Honorary Grave also exists within the Rose Garden of Mevlana’s Shrine [called Mevlana Museum in Turkey], see photos and account of visit at mi-mausoleum-mevlana-museum-konya-turkey/

  2. Ayaan Ali says:

    Nice I really Like Iqbal Day Poetry

  3. Munir H. Shah says:

    Allama Muhamed Iqbal’s stay in Heidelberg is fully documented where Prof. Saeed Akhtar Durrani, Chairperson, Iqbal Academy, Europe has written in comprehensive detail the stay and works of Iqbal In Germany.

    Only 2 letters to Miss Emma Wegenast was Iqbal’s German language tutor, have been mentioned here but interestingly, you will find in the Book the countless letters of Iqbal in German Language and their translation in English too.

  4. I am Sajid from Lahore, Pakistan. I collect postal stationary items on Allama Iqbal. You can see my collections on the following web link. Can anyone send me letter (cover/envelop) from or near a post office from Iqbal Ufer, Heidelberg via post to me on the following postal address. I will be very thankful to you.

    Mian Sajid Ali
    Allama Iqbal Stamps Society
    44-Alfalah Park
    Opposite Coca Cola Factory
    Multan Road, Lahore – 54780

  5. Moin says:

    Mullah … if you think Maulvis & Islamic scholars are so bad why you need them to get married or pray funeral prayers.