Education Comes to Aid in Strange Ways

Posted on June 11, 2010
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Owais Mughal

I received this image in an email. Besides the obvious message, note how this ad was ‘calligraphed-as-graffiti’ on top of a previously cleaned garffiti. This text also reminds me of lines from a famous Lollywood movie song

“likhay paRhay hote agar – tou tum ko khat likhte”

I will try to find that song on youtube in a bit and if successful will add to the post here. In the mean time think and enjoy the ad below:

OK ladies and gentlemen. I have now found the song ‘likhe paRhe hote agar’. Read on more and get to it.

A guy’s shikwa on not being ‘parha likha’.

and a lady’s jawab-e-shikwa that she’s not ‘parhi likhi’ either.

9 responses to “Education Comes to Aid in Strange Ways”

  1. Farhan says:

    Parho gay, likho gay, tou bano gay doolha!

  2. Ghulam Ali says:

    Nice post. Very ATP!

  3. SH Kavi says:

    I remember this song which goes like this, ,likhay paRhay hote agar tou tumko khat likhte”
    is khet mein tumhaen hum kia kia
    likhney ke bahane likhtey
    kuchh kuwab athurey likhtey
    kuchh geet sohaney likhtey
    likhay parhay ……………………..
    I think this song was sung by Nadeem.

  4. Azheruddin says:

    Excellent. Value for knowledge. Finally.

  5. Athar says:

    Very nice picture. Funny but at least it shows that now people realize the value of education. Glad that education is in demand!

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