Posted on June 25, 2010
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44 responses to “Why Banning the Internet may be a Good Thing”

  1. Pakistani says:

    Seems like India wants to grow up to be like Pakistan too.


    Way to go, yaar.

  2. Yasmeen says:

    Good writeup and thank you for your consistent courage and standing for what is right. We all need to speak up on this.

  3. ....l m n o p.... says:

    ” an Ahmadi Muslim”
    no such thing exists by logic and fact.

    Ahmadis can not be called Muslims,
    because they took a turn and started following the new doctrine given by Janab Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.
    Who ever accepted that philosophy will be a follower of the Ahmadyah belief and there is nothing wrong in keeping their beliefs, this is free world and God made a human being with choices continue to exercise free will.
    A muslim does not call himself a Mohammdi Muslim, Makki Muslim or Madani Muslim because Muslim is only a Muslim.

    This should not be considered as a hateful and discriminatory statement, but an actual fact!
    Ahmadis are true Pakistani citizens and have full rights to excersise their beliefs without a doubt!!!!!

  4. Tariq Ali says:

    Very powerful piece. The sarcasm may be lost on some, but the message is a strong one. The real issue is the laws and the injustice that is within the laws. That is what really needs to change, not just the convenience of the internet for some.