Posted on August 18, 2010
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38 responses to “More Good Ways to Help Flood Victims in Pakistan”

  1. Nabeel Khan says:

    It would be good to keep this post updated by adding in other organizations and resources for donations.. and keep this as a sticky post somehow

    Here are a few websites that I found had legit local and international organizations working for them some of which are listed on this page

  2. Majid says:

    @Adnan, here is what your non-Secular Punjab government up to;

    Pakistan relief organisations ‘discriminating against Christian flood victims’ istan/7968046/Pakistan-relief-organisations-discri minating-against-Christian-flood-victims.html

    The same people who are raising aid for us in millions (British kafir public has raised $30 million so far and German kafir public $10 million in just one night) are making fun of us for discriminating on religious grounds even in distributing this free aid. What an incentive for them to help us. We want compassion from others but have none ourselves.

  3. Adnan says:

    As it’s always said that “phattu” liberals and their regime don’t have guts to help needy people,it got proved once again. While Zardari’s secular regime is more busy in sucking up all the aid and in mudslinging with their opposition parties,”Terrorists” and “Millitant” Organizations are busy in helping flood affected people in those areas as well where all NGOs refused to work. This is giving fits to USoA and their puppets here in Pakistan that these religious “terrorists” organizations will gain popularity in region thus it would hurt “American Interest” in the region.

    The point is, liberal govt and liberals should stop crying like chicks and come forward to help needy people. At one side they are more busy in babbling while on other hand their secular govt is not helping people. On top of that their leaders are more busy in saving their own lands and American bases in Pakistan. Now when there is a complete chaos and govt is failed to help flood victims, it is a lame to complain that “right wingers” are gaining control and would use victims as “suicide bombers”. While this babbling is quite baseless and useless, even if it becomes true then one should not point fingers on others while 3 others are just pointing at you. “Right Wingers” came forward because no one else came at the needy time. If liberals really want to earn respect then do more than those right wingers in the affected area. As an american said, it’s all about war of hearts and minds, once again those parties who were labaled as “Terrorists” are helping their people and on other hand, what our secular and liberal govt is doing? See below. No wonder that even a secular militant leader, Altaf Hussain lashed out on such brutal acts of govt and begged Army to take over.

    you can’t blame Mullahs and Talibans for what liberal idiots are doing out of Pakistan to embarrass him.