PanAm’s Pakistan 1960’s (In Japanese)

Posted on October 29, 2010
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Adil Najam

There was a time when PanAm was the biggest and most fascinating international airline in the world. That has changed quite some time back. And so, it seems, has Pakistan. The subject of this fascinating promotional documentary made by PanAm in the 1960s.

Given the Japanese narration, it seems that PanAm was trying to lure Japanese tourists to Pakistan. Right there, an interesting notion.

I do know that Karachi was a major stop in PanAm’s long-haul flights and I assume this is related to that. Although it does seem that the documentary is focusing on much more than just Karachi. So much in the video is so different from what now is. But so much is also so much the same.

I find the footage absolutely fascinating at so many different levels, even though I cannot understand the narration. Maybe a Japanese speaking reader can help us get a gist of what is being said?

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    By the way I have this feeling that you are ‘Naan Haleem’ who first changed his/her name to Adnan and now changed the name again to ‘Highjacked’? LOL!

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    Yet another important post highjacked by irrelevant and childish nonsense!

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