Bandar Ka Tamasha: A Commentary on Media, Politics and Society in Pakistan

Posted on November 13, 2010
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“Bhai loug, saab ko Baoo bun kay dekhao!”

CAUTION: Please do not try to spend more time thinking about what they are saying then they have spent thinking about it.

29 responses to “Bandar Ka Tamasha: A Commentary on Media, Politics and Society in Pakistan”

  1. L, M, N, O, P says:

    BEING THANKFUL… “in all things give thanks… because this is the will of God concerning us”
    “God gives a nation the kind of government it deserves” (*

  2. ty says:

    just wanna know who is the guy in the middle???

  3. Tasleem says:

    The PPP guy was clearly instigating. In fact, the PTI guy even apologized first after using the word ‘abbey’ but the PPP guy kept up with the instigation. But what else do you expect from them.

  4. Faizan says:

    What a pathetic display. Jamil Somro from PPP really is a goon and the language and words he used are no surprise coming from a PPP jiyala. Specially at the end the day he roams there and shouts at the end of the clip. But Naeem ul haq’s display is equally pathetic. His discussion is equally angry and unnecessarily aggressive and throwing things is just not proper. This is pathetic display of our politicians. It is things like these are get people to go against democracy. I hope both parties will throw both of them out of power. But I think that will not happen.

  5. Pervaiz says:

    Very good to see this misbehavior being highlighted. Nicely done, with very few words. Tamashbeen is a great new addition to the ATP team!

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