Posted on December 5, 2010
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20 responses to “Remember the Great Flood? Its Still There”

  1. AM says:

    Heard your talk on Climate change at the Aga Khan University Karachi. Truly amazing and eye-opening. I must say that you are a gifted speaker and a bit different from my memories of the PTV programs. Coming back to the flood and its associated challenges, I think Pakistani people should know more about the agricultural land grab by our middle eastern brethren, the direct and indirect theft of the resources of Pakistan.

  2. burhan ahmad says:

    Oh so sad …allah taalla sab ko apne hafz o amaan me rakhe aur pakistani ko hifazat me rakhe apni

  3. Raheel says:

    If our government had half a brain they would look at flood relief as a way to build up their own image in the country. Instead, whatever respect one might have had for ZAB’s PPP has been drowned in the floods by Zardari’s PPP.

  4. Bushra says:

    This post is ATP at its best. Talking about and making us think about what others will not talk about.

  5. Linda Awinsman says:

    The needs now for those who have returned home are also great and the costs of rebuilding plus the emotional stress of dealing with things can be very high. This can sometimes be the real ‘meltdown moment’