Remembering Nazia Hasan (1965-2000)

Posted on December 20, 2010
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Owais Mughal

A collection of five Nazia Hasan songs is presented here. It is always a difficult choice to pick best of the best, therefore I’ve tried to pick only those songs which have better audio quality on youtube. Choosing only 5 songs is like ‘darya ko koozay mein band karna’ but the idea is to pay tribute to one of the trend setter singers of Pakistan –Nazia Hasan.

(1) dhundlee raat ke

(2) Ajnabi

(3) lekin mera dil

(4) dum dum dee dee

(5) dil ki lagi kuch aur bhi

14 responses to “Remembering Nazia Hasan (1965-2000)”

  1. Naan Haleem says:

    Log achhey hain boht dil mein utar jaatei hain
    Ik burai hai to bas ye hai k mar jaatei hain

  2. Naveed Abbas says:

    Good write up on marvel Nazia Hasan. May her soul rest in peace.

    I wish ATP could write on Hafiz Jalandari (his anniversary on 21st Dec). Thanks

  3. Zeeshan says:

    Thanks, Owais. A humble effort to keep Nazia Apa’s memory alive. And thanks to you for doing the same!

    I hope ATP does something similar for Noor Jehan’s barsi? It’s on the 23rd.

  4. Owais Mughal says:

    Zeeshan. Your article on Nazia at is great. Very informative. Thanks for sharing the link here.

  5. Zeeshan says:

    Gosh, miss her so much. What a legend she was.

    I wrote this article years ago, shortly after her death. Hope ATP readers find it useful, just as your video collection is. Memory-of-Nazia-Apa-aka-Nazia-Hasan

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