Remembering Nazia Hasan (1965-2000)

Posted on December 20, 2010
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Owais Mughal

A collection of five Nazia Hasan songs is presented here. It is always a difficult choice to pick best of the best, therefore I’ve tried to pick only those songs which have better audio quality on youtube. Choosing only 5 songs is like ‘darya ko koozay mein band karna’ but the idea is to pay tribute to one of the trend setter singers of Pakistan –Nazia Hasan.

(1) dhundlee raat ke

(2) Ajnabi

(3) lekin mera dil

(4) dum dum dee dee

(5) dil ki lagi kuch aur bhi

14 responses to “Remembering Nazia Hasan (1965-2000)”

  1. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “sad,still can’t believe she died.”
    – “She was way ahead of her time.”
    – “Yes no doubt! late Nazia Hassan was a true music legend… Of her time!!! And her music left a lasting impression on the youth of our country… May almighty rest her soul in peace”
    – “No one can ever replace her voice or personality..:( We miss her everyday, every”

  2. Sarah says:

    @ Zeeshan: Wondering if the man in the links below is “the Ishtiaq Mirza” -Nazia’s husband?

    He seems “fake” !

  3. Aziz says:

    Amazing. I love Dum Dum and Lekin Mera Dil. I am tapping my feet on the beat of these songs as I type…yes her song had that kind of magic.

    I hope her legacy lives on.

  4. Gifts Pakistan says:

    She was really a great singer and my all time favorite.

  5. Faraaz says:

    I cannot believe she sang Aap Jaisa Koi at the age of 15..
    My God how talented was she??

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