Picture Perfect: Is this Pakistan’s Prettiest Railway Station?

Posted on January 20, 2011
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Owais Mughal

This photo is by Malik Ayaz and it shows Attock Khurd station. This small station with its Victorian architecture is arguably one of the most beautiful railway stations in Pakistan.

I know for a fact that many people visit this little station to appreciate its architecture as well as the nearby Attock Railway bridge on the Indus. The rectangular structure in this photo, behind the railway signals, is the fortified approach to Attock Railway bridge. In other parts of the world buildings like this become tourist attractions in themselves; in Pakistan they often get neglected and decay.

What do you think of this building? Do you have your own favorite railway station to suggest? Should we really not be doing more to preserve these grand structures strewn all over the country?

18 responses to “Picture Perfect: Is this Pakistan’s Prettiest Railway Station?”

  1. Mrs Iqbal says:

    Its amazing how I live just an hour’s drive away from Attock Khurd and haven’t ever known that they had this pretty little station there. I am definitely going to visit it on some weekend.

  2. AD says:

    @ sabre0 :

    The railway station is still there and still a very good place. Railway bridge is still there. I haven’t seen this place in 80’s so can’t compare how it was back then. But i am sure it must have been more deserted than now. Now there is quite a lot of traffic on both sides of it. But still, as compared to other parts of city, it is relatively quiet and peaceful.

    I really miss the quiet places, grassy grounds, trees. Now everywhere there are plazas, houses, cars, traffic, noise. I wish we could have a little better planned cities. Instead of blindly building plazas and housings at every vacant place, there could be more playgrounds, parks and empty spaces.

  3. ABID ULLAH SYED says:

    I Love all Muslim and Specially PAKISTAN & PAKISTANI

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