Picture Perfect: Is this Pakistan’s Prettiest Railway Station?

Posted on January 20, 2011
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Owais Mughal

This photo is by Malik Ayaz and it shows Attock Khurd station. This small station with its Victorian architecture is arguably one of the most beautiful railway stations in Pakistan.

I know for a fact that many people visit this little station to appreciate its architecture as well as the nearby Attock Railway bridge on the Indus. The rectangular structure in this photo, behind the railway signals, is the fortified approach to Attock Railway bridge. In other parts of the world buildings like this become tourist attractions in themselves; in Pakistan they often get neglected and decay.

What do you think of this building? Do you have your own favorite railway station to suggest? Should we really not be doing more to preserve these grand structures strewn all over the country?

18 responses to “Picture Perfect: Is this Pakistan’s Prettiest Railway Station?”

  1. Darweesh says:

    Real good contribution from ATP on Pakistan heritage. It would be appreciated if the writer visits Railway Museum at Golra station and write on it in detail ,add some excellent pictures too.

  2. Agha Waseem Ahmed . says:

    Yes this one is arguably the most beautiful albeit small station over the network. In this list you can add Taftan station which ,though recently been constructed is an admirable building, Habibkot is also a candidate also you can not ignore Ruk station “jehan pe aaj kul koi naheen Ruk ta”. Samasata with its peculiar domed structure is also another beauty. But why are we are forgetting Karachi cantt, Lahore, Pindi and Quetta stations.

  3. Indian says:

    This post and many more like this are the reason why Indians come to this web site!

    I am impressed with how you find the beautiful things and describe them. Please keep up the good work!

    And frankly I am amazed by the sincereity with which this blog and readers discuss pakistan’s problems. Please remember “Yeh din bhi jayenge”.

  4. Sajjad Junaidi says:


    Owais is in USA, they can spell things whichever way they like.

  5. Majnoo says:


    Not to be critical, but you misspelled Prettiest.

    I have been to this station & it is beautiful.

    I must go to the one in Islamabad now.

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