Posted on March 1, 2011
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19 responses to “Requiem for a Book Store”

  1. Ali says:

    It is indeed sad the books there were expensive but it is not the primary reason i suppose, There is another book shop on University Road Peshawar an Old Book shop where there were books at reasonable prices but it has not been partially converted into a CD store mainly due to non reading culture. When ever i go there there are few and mostly no people in the books area of that shop.

  2. Muhammad says:

    Im saddened to hear that Saeed Book Bank in Peshwar is closing down.
    I bought several books on opthalmology from the Islamabad branch plus a number of the Harry Potter books for my sisters over the last few years.

    They’ve got an impressive stock list of books in the Islamabad branch, It would surely be a noticeable loss if that were to close as well.

  3. ali b says:

    Saeed book bank in Peshawar is closing its shutters because of lack of customers and the law and order situation. The book business in Pakistan does not cater to many people because of high illiteracy as such book stores pull their shutters down.Their Islamabad store which is quiet huge is doing pretty well.