Posted on March 31, 2011
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93 responses to “Match Mubarak, India. Thank You, Pakistan.”

  1. Human says:

    Is cricket the core issue of the sub-continent? Currently Indians are united against corruption and are forcing government for a law which will punish corrupt polictical leaders and govenment servants. Pakistan will greatly benefit by a similar law. She has to bring back all its money stashed in swiss banks and other places so that pakistanis can be helped with health, sanitation, housing and security. India too needs to spend on such welfare activities. We are just focussing on criket when the people of the sub-continent lack access to food, water, sanitation, housing, health care and education. Brothers please help each other.

  2. Sultan says:

    Onwards now. One thing is proved, one of best investments we can is to improve our cricket. nothing brings country together like this does

  3. Tariq says:

    I am glad for Pakistan’s performance but this time India was teh better team. So they deserved to win. Thats OK , oits just a game.