There’s a 9/11, 26/11 and 7/7. Then there’s Everyday in Pakistan.

Posted on May 24, 2011
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Adil Najam

The headline is actually a tweet that has been floating around since the attack on Mehran Naval Aviation Base in Karachi two days ago. As far as I can tell it originated from @thekarachikid. Short. Pithy. Poignant. Depicting a truth that Pakistanis can feel in their bones.

The power of the statement is that the sentiment requires no elaboration. However, it does invite introspection. And, maybe, one question: Everyday in Pakistan does now feel like 9/11. 26/11 and 7/7; but what about the day after everyday? Do Pakistanis react to the day after everyday, the way others reacted to 9/11. 26/11 and 7/7? If not, then why not?

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  1. Shez says:


    PPP wallahs would be happy to stead your idea. Bhuttos/Zardaris are the greediest, both for personal wealth as well as for fame and recognition. Let’s see when they get their hands on NH.

  2. Shez says:


    NH is the highest military award and is given solely on the basis of extraordinary valiance. It’s really shameful if PPP is thinking on the lines you mentioned. In that case, they should find a shia who actually fought at the tribal front and laid his life after fighting gallantly. That would be better instead of giving it to a victim of terrorism. There are more than 35,000 of these people. Will the govt award NH to each and everyone of them?

  3. Adnan says:


    Because Lt.Yasir was a Shia hence Shia PPP government is trying to cash this opportunity to get a Nishan-e-Haider in their pocket.

  4. Shazia says:

    These lyrics “always” inspire me and remind me the basics of our religion taught through childhood bedtime stories. Do they touch your heart too???

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    Though with stones on his chest, his Imaan would not rest
    The Muadhin knew that right would conquer wrong
    And the heart of a Muslim must be strong

    It’s the heart of a Muslim through the guidance of Islam
    That makes you fair and kind and helpful to your fellow man
    So living as a Muslim means that you must play a part
    Allah looks not at how you look, but what is in your heart

    In our poor meager state, little food on our plate
    Mother said she was glad, always sharing what we had
    When I asked how can we share what’s not enough
    She said the heart of a Muslim’s filled with love

    He said its time you should know, you will learn as you grow
    That some people around will do what’s bad to bring you down
    Father said to be a star that’s shining bright
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    Honesty is the best, because life is a test
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  5. Asim says:

    Oh no, did I just give PPP leadership an idea?,…..oooopppss!

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