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Posted on March 9, 2009
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Adil Najam

This picture from Metroblog Lahore made me laugh out loud. One could think of some ATP commentators that we might want to say this to!

Given the type of comments recent posts have been recieving, the refrain written at the back of this rickshaw, or at least it’s first half, seems funnily appropriate. The Punjabi words at the back read: “SaRRya na kar, chanda, dua karya kar.” I don’t think justice can be done to this in translation, so I will not try. Maybe others could help.

Here at ATP, our fascination with the motor rickshaw goes long and deep, most recently in this post here, and in other forms of expressing “transport wisdom”!

But rickshaw wisdom is not something to be mocked at.

Two past posts, in particualr, come to mind. The first (from July 3, 2006) was a conversation with Karachi rickshaw driver Raees on Karachi’s political situation, where he outlines his 5-point manifestor for Karachi. The second (from February 2, 2007) was this slightly more tongue-in-cheek (and at some levels disturbing) ‘Man Manifesto’ on Haqooq-i-MardaaN.

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35 responses to “Rickshaw Wisdom”

  1. Atookmatook says:

    “jiss ne maan baap ko sataaya
    uss nay rikshaa hee chalaaya”

    “Muhabbat aazma chuka, muqaddar aazma raha hoon
    ek bewafa ke haathon rikshaa chala raha hoon”

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    I tried but I couldn’t do justice to the translation of ‘saRRya na kar – Chanda’ :) :) I think it loses all its bauty in translation. but challenge is ON !!

  3. Owais Mughal says:

    dear ‘atookmatook’ your pseudoname is as funny as the ‘ashaar’ you quoted. The word ‘atookmatook’ made me smile :) Does ‘atookmatook’ mean automatic?

  4. Atookmatook says:

    Yes. Atookmatook west of of the indus, and automatatic to the east. :-)

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    Dear atookmatook! Another word from west of Indus is ‘libashtay’ which means ‘university’. Karachi’s NIPA chowrangi is a big junction of University bound buses and omni buses. Most of the conductors on this route couldn’t say university and all one could hear in a chaos of arriving and departing buses were loud ‘libashtay !!! libashtay !!!’ announcements.

  6. Atookmatook says:

    “labashtay”! I can just hear a conductor shouting it. What carefree days…

    “jay main wee panjee kamaanda
    te phir rikshaa kaanoo chalaanda”

  7. Mehroo says:

    phatte jo doodh to paneer ho jae
    lagge jo tukka to teer ho jae

    mat dekh haqarat se rikshe wale ko
    na jane kaun kab vazir ho jae

    mahi tur paya, riksha weeraan ho gaya
    kinoo dasaan kinna nuskaan ho gaya

    takye pe pani chirrak ker jab so gaya
    samjhe wo main hijr main roya sari raat

    kaun kehta hai mulaqat nahin hota
    mulaqat hota hai, hum se baat nahin hota

    na kar muhabbat tere ko mahabbat nahin aata
    khocha humaare paas khane ko roti hai na aatta

  8. Owais Mughal says:

    I guess a close translation of above rickshaw message can go like this:

    “Don’t get mad at trivial things my Friend. Instead pray for others”

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