Solar Eclipse is No Cure for Jahalat

Posted on July 22, 2009
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Adil Najam

We have used the ‘Jahalat‘ caption before in headlines (here, here and here). It is time to do so again.

This picture is from PPI and the caption reads:

“A physically paralyzed girl lies half-buried in sand at the banks of river Indus. Local mythology suggests burying paralyzed children in sand and exposing them to solar eclipse helps overcome paralysis.”

Need one say more!

I guess even a solar eclipse is no cure for jahalat.

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68 responses to “Solar Eclipse is No Cure for Jahalat”

  1. Shazia Rubab Hussain says:

    Jahil? ………….or desperate to try anything to cure their child?
    I believe in the latter.

  2. Asad Toor says:

    I also agree with Shazia. It is less jihalat, but more the last cries of desperate parents who will try anything for their daughter. Just look at the expression/posture of the parents. And these people should not be made fun of.

  3. Ali Muslim says:

    Well at first place you should not have taken this photo & labeled as ‘Solar Eclipse is No Cure for Jahalat’.

    Myth buster or so?

    node @ shazia.

    –ali muslim

  4. Sajjad Junaidi says:

    Adil, I can understand where you are coming from but its out of sheer desperation to try anything. They need to be educated and not humiliated. I think PPI’s caption shows more balanced reporting.

  5. Darweesh says:

    I agree with all four comments above.

  6. Ahmed says:

    I tend to agree with most of the comments here. I was at first thinking like Adil, but on reading the comments, I too started feeling that it is an act of desperation by parents who are obviously not very educated. Their intentions are what we need to focus on here. I personally know of very highly educated parents of a mentally handicapped boy here in the United States who have tried seemingly silly sounding “remedies” along with cutting-edge medicine to try and improve things for their boy. So in a nutshell, while I see the ignorance, I also see the reason behind it. I hope for the parents sake that someone or some organization sees this picture and really helps out the little girl.

  7. PastPrince says:

    They Are Propagating Sun As They’re Deity.
    Surely Cure Or Not Doesn’t Matter They Seem Like Praying To The Sun Either By Chance Or By Will Thats Shirk…
    No Children No Parent No One Can Come Between Allah & His Man, When There Is No Faith Left Such Thing Start Taking Part In Societies, Not Surprised By It, In Pakistan Many People Who Bow Down To The Graves Of Peers & Saints!
    Shirk All Shirk The Signs Of The End Times…
    Prepare Yourself For Dajjal, Dont Expect More Or Less Its We Who Need Change.
    Dont Be Muslim By Chance Be Muslim By Choice!

  8. Tania Aslam says:

    Feeling sad to see the picture both for the parents and for the kid.

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