Enemies of Pakistan Strike Again. 49 Pakistanis Die.

Posted on October 9, 2009
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Owais Mughal and Adil Najam

(Readers Beware: This post includes gruesome pictures of murdered Pakistanis, the weak of nerves are warned).

When will this madness stop?

Look at the photo below and tell us your blood does not boil at this murder of Pakistanis. If you are a parent, like we are, you too will scream out in pain. Even if you are not, you cannot be human without seeing this and crying out in pain. Maybe, even in anger.

Forty-nine more Pakistanis died today at the hands of Pakistan’s enemies. And 100 more were injured. All this in an explosion in Peshawar’s busy Soekarno chowk today.

When will this madness stop?

What can one write? What can one say? How do you type out a scream? How do you express that piercing pain in the gut of your stomach, in the depth of your heart?

When will this madness stop?

34 responses to “Enemies of Pakistan Strike Again. 49 Pakistanis Die.”

  1. Abdul Hai says:

    Please stop the blame game. As a minimum we must:

    1. Help the families affected.
    2. Organize peaceful march in each city to show our defiance to this insanity.

  2. ali says:

    The afghan ambassador to the US is pointing fingers at the ISI for the attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul just a few days ago which is nonsense, but in retaliation it will not be surprising if besides the taliban either Afghanistan or India were behind the latest attack in Peshawar .It is best to leave the security activities to the Pakistan army without American dictation as they have done a better job , cleaning up Swat is an example .The americans have been at it for the past eight years in Afghanistan and have made things from bad to worst.

  3. Nostalgic says:

    Well, from the looks of it, the operation targeting South Waziristan is only a matter of time. The enemy can be expected to hit out in this desperate manner. Here is to hoping Hakimullah joins his predecessor in hell very soon.

    That said, it is disconcerting that after a lull, these attacks seem to have picked up lately. Hopefully with success in Waziristan, they will come to an end again.

  4. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “What sadists and criminals these cursed taliban are. They kill Pakistani children and they kill muslims and all in teh name of their crazy anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim ideology. May they all rot in hell.”
    – “inshallah they b sulking all their lives there wid their brother yazeed”
    – “yes ameen!!…..”
    – “black water ix also involved in that bomb blast!”
    – “Horrible, horrible, absolutely HORRIBLE. After they already attacked the UN Food Program building. Have they no shame??? I just can’t imagine what they are THINKING, what goes through their minds. How could any human beings do this anarchy with NO GOAL except destruction for the sake of ISLAM??”
    – “REALLY HORRIBLE.. ALLAH BLESS PAKISTAN. V LOVE PAKISTAN and PAKISTANI… they don’t like Muslims…..that’s y they don’t like Pakistan coz Pakistan is the largest Islamic Country in the World…..so they cant tolerate Pakistan…”
    – “actually r government is just selling r country to usa nothing more than that……….three BMW with fully loaded grenades,bomb jackets and etc with fake number plate. they arrested them and then released after 2 or 3days.how can we say to black water r goverment is fully prepared to sell r country……… bloody idiots”
    – “lol country in paril its citizens , blind, deaf sitting quite like a buncha grls …GET UP STAND UP STAND UP FOR UR RIGHTS ….NOW”
    – “rite…”
    – “Sad to see !”
    – “Govt is itself corrupt and literlally selling PAKISTAN for individual benefits. These are dummy Govt acknowledging KERRY LOGER whatever Bill. ALLAH save PAKISTAN. O Nation, o people, now its the time, we have to do it ourselves cause all our leaders are like MIR JAFFER AND MIR SADIQ who sold the important and significant forts to Brittish for some gold and promise of power.”
    – “please do nt portrait such pics. already Geo had messed with these kind of news. :-(”
    – “money make them to hate pakistan,,,,,,,,”
    – “Murda baad dushman insaniyat aur Pakistant”
    – “May God eliminate these butchers from Pakistan and may peace return here again. Taliban not only enemies of Pakistan but also the whole huminity.”
    – “OMG — OMG”
    – “sad moment”
    – “we are our own enemies”
    – “GoD BLESS!!”
    – “goood god. uuuuf”
    – “tragic!!!”
    – “There are no other options, sad, happy, dislike, etc etc etc only Like. :d”
    – “terrorists might hate Pakistanis but good number of Pakistanis are in deep love with them”
    – “yeah y ?? can any terrorist ans :P”
    – “am in pishawar
    and i just went to dis syte yersterday aftar the blast
    and U cant even imagine the site what i have seen
    it just made me cry :'(
    u cant even dare to look up there
    it waz just blood and human body partz and CRIEZ all around”
    – “No-one is in love with Terrorists”
    – “oh my God.:(”
    – “becoz they dont hav any religion nd they dont hav any nationality….”
    – “Enemies are agains us Coz they are terrorists and terrified by our Truth”
    – “USA is giving us money to support our development and these Mullahs are killing our children. SO WHO IS FRIEND AND WHO IS ENEMY?”

  5. Desi Cheetah says:

    these taliban need to go – the army needs to go into waziristan and clean it up. and people like webudvikling, who believe in conspiracy theories “110%” are part of the problem. as is the jamaat. Luckily their “see no evil” brand of politics is becoming evermore unpopular in Pakistan.

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