Prem Chand: His Death Was a National Tragedy; How His Coffin Was Treated a National Disgrace

Posted on August 1, 2010
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Amongst the 152 who died in last Wednesday’s tragic crash of Air Blue flight were six members of the Youth Parliament. All death in this tragedy were sad. The death of these talented youth with aspirations of building a better Pakistan was no exception. Maybe it was tragedy compounded. But the story of one of them is sadder even than the others – and because of what happened to him after he died!

This is the story of Prem Chand, a bright young social worker from Sanghar (Sindh), one of the members of Youth Parliament, and one of those who died on the ill-fated AirBlue flight 202. His death – like the death of everyone on that flight – was a matter of national tragedy; the treatment of his dead body a matter of national disgrace.

According to news reports in The News and The Express Tribune young Prem Chand’s coffin was marked “Kafir” – a word that literally means ‘infidel’ or ‘non-believer’ but is mostly used as a serious slur in Pakistan. Literally labeling someone’s coffin as “Kafir” and not even giving them the respect to list their religion by its proper name, is a shameful and disgusting way to disrespect the last remains of anyone. All the more so the last remains of a patriotic Pakistani who was on that plane solely to represent Pakistan and to seek to be a better Pakistani – he was on his way to the ‘session’ of the Youth Parliament!

According to The News:

The members of Youth parliament [on the day following the crash] protested against the marking of the coffin of one of their colleague Prem Chand as ‘Kafir.’ “It was shocking. He could have been marked as Hindu or non-Muslim, but using the word ‘Kafir’ is the worst example of intolerance,” said MYP Muneeb Afzal.

The Express Tribune writes:

Ehsan Naveed Irfan is a member of the youth parliament and he is the one who identified Prem Chand’s body. He told me that his coffin was marked as “Kafir” first with black and then outlined with red to make it more prominent. He told me that he and his friends removed it with a marker and wrote “We love you – from the youth parliament” instead.

A friend of Prem Chand made this comment on Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi’s blog:

I am Muneeb Afzal, a Member of Youth parliament of Pakistan and a Colleague and Friend of Late Prem Chand. An extremely hard-working person he was a symbol of tolerance. My last communication with him was on night before the Air Crash, he gave his greetings to me on occasion of 15th of Shabaan.

At PIMS fortunately another friend of ours was there when Prem’s Cousin Nanik Das came to search for his body, he quickly hid the tag ‘kafir’ by putting marker lines on it, so that Prem’s family which is already suffering from great grief does not have to bear more hurt. Although later at a memorial session where media was present I criticized the inhumanity and intolerance of those who did this shameful act. I felt this was my duty to my late friend Prem Chand that I make it clear to the world that we condemn this act of intolerance and narrow mindedness. But a lot of my other colleagues have since objected to my speaking out, believing that my saying this and this news spreading in media would add to hurt of Prem’s family, and in a way they are right too. I would like you all to also keep this in mind as well…

This was probably not an official act or some state sponsored standard procedure. It is much more likely that this was an act of some sick minded individual. But it is still important for the authorities to investigate and punish those responsible, and set an example for future. Intolerance must not be tolerated. To tolerate it, or justify it, is to accept it. The authorities need to take responsibility for this incident and why it happened at all; no matter who did it. After all, it is the state of Pakistan – and we as a society – which creates the conditions in which the persecution of minorities thrives at various levels, directly and indirectly; and that is what gives individuals license to go even further – including such shameful acts.

Author’s Note: My deepest apologies to friends and family members of Prem Chand and my fellow Pakistanis from others faiths (Pakistani Hindus in particular), specially those who may not have heard of this yet and for whom this incident will no doubt be deeply painful. But we must raise our voice and condemn such acts. The one lesson that Pakistan’s history teaches us is that discrimination and intolerance must never be tolerated.

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141 responses to “Prem Chand: His Death Was a National Tragedy; How His Coffin Was Treated a National Disgrace”

  1. smssr84 says:

    Astakfar……… that is the sole reason of pakistan`s downfall. Pakistan is the most racist country in the world. its about time hum apne giriban main jhankain!… aur tubha karain aur mafi mangain!

  2. Azheruddin says:

    Thank you for writing this. This nonsense must stop and these hate mongers must be stopped. We all must speak out against this bigotry. Thank you for raising your voice against these inhuman beasts who use the cloak of religion to spread hatred.

  3. Azra says:

    I salute you Prem Chand. You are a much better Pakistani and a much better human being than the hatemonger who abused your coffin could ever be.

  4. Mouzma says:

    My deepest apologies to friends and family members of Prem Chand and my fellow Pakistanis from others faiths (Pakistani Hindus in particular)

    This is just painful!

    Being a Muslim we are taught to respect other faiths, I don’t know who are those that don’t understand the basics of humanity which is the essence of Islam.

  5. Truly disgrceful for us….:(
    Chalo yeh sochain hum aaj milkay
    Yeh kon hay jo hamein mein reh kar humaray ghaoon ko jala raha hay…

  6. Haroon Riaz says:

    It sure was insensitive the marking of the coffin of this citizen, but I rule out any malign intentions for that. Clearly it would have been done by authorities to separate it for funeral reasons. Even if that is not the case, we have made too much fuss out of nothing.

    If all those who are furious on this event are so sincere to bringing secular values in Pakistan, why are you not furious over the Constitution that has been passed on communal basis? Religious discrimination is a part of our culture. Write about the religion based articles of the constitution. Highlighting these insignificant issues will only help the world laugh at Pakistan, which they are already doing. I am against the persecution of “minorities”, as they call them as well. But well, every now and then, costs nothing to use your brain, if you want a strong Pakistan, that is. But think about your constitution.

    Also please do apologize to the Hindus, the Christians, the Sikhs, the Parsis, the Ahmedis and all other so-called minorities and non-Muslim citizens of Pakistan, who deserve as much rights as any of the so-called Muslim majority citizens, for the constitution. I would do so.

  7. Ahmed says:

    Very sad, indeed. My condolences to Prem Chand’s family, and verily to all victims of the plane crash.

    It is a sad reminder that a number of Pakistanis see the world in Muslim versus Kafir terms. But, unfortunately, it matters less and less as the days go by, since the folks who can be discriminated against as Kafirs are now near-extinct in Pakistan. Especially since most Hindus and other minorities who were once a significant percentage of Pakistanis right after partition have since been converted or “cleansed”.


  8. Shamsher Khan says:

    Thanks for posting this – it is truly a shame that our very own countrymen practice such discrimination. Shame on us, and I also offer my apologies and condolences to the Chand family for adding insult to their grief.

    The air crash was a tragedy for all those who died, and everyone regardless of their ethnicity, national origin, gender or religion, deserves to be treated equally, and with respect.

    May the Almighty bless their souls, and may He also give the rest of us the ability to shed our biases and discriminatory behavior. Ameen.

  9. Rabia Bashir says:

    Thanks so much for speaking out against this shameful act. I was enraged to read about it in the Express Tribune and couldn’t believe my eyes. I still shudder at the mere thought of it.
    It’s heart wrenching to think about the loss of so many precious lives. Speaking about the young and promising members of the “Youth Parliament” in particular, we lost brilliant minds and fantastic role models for the entire youth of Pakistan. I do believe that it wouldn’t have been easier for Prem Chand to come this far. The glimpse of his hopes and aspirations for Pakistan are very obvious in this video where he is presenting his resolution about drip irrigation system in Pakistan. ocial

  10. Dr aziz ul Qadir says:

    I am deeply hurt. This is not what Islam teaches. The one sick-minded person who did this should be punished …. May Allah forgive us …

  11. Dr. Seema Qayyum says:

    shameful act, we as a nation should stand up and raise our voice against such acts

  12. faran says:

    aik gandi machli…

  13. Aamer Aziz says:

    It is not an individual’s act, it represents the mentality of the whole nation. Unless the nation and people are educated and this slide into religious bigotry and “holier than thou” attitude is reversed, we are cursed to slide back into the 8th century and be isolated from the rest of the world

  14. imtiaz says:

    I just want to say it is sad and disgusting to be labelled as hatemonger Pakistanis because of actions of some morons. Ironically these same people who call others Kafirs, go to shrines and do sajjda…… makes me wonder how can a person who himself does not understand Islam call others non believers.

  15. Faraz says:

    Few weeks earlier, somewhere in Sindh, hindu families were attacked and then evicted from the village, because a Hindu boy drank water from a mosque…

    Perhaps, morally and ethically, we all died in some crash many years ago

  16. Dr. Azra S Haq says:

    How disgustingly shameful. We need to get our act together as Muslims and as Pakistanis. The whole nation should apologize to the family…and others treated like them.

  17. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “Very sad. When will we realize that we’re all citizens of the same nation. =(”
    – “True. When we do realize that, we will realize the Quaid’s dream.”
    – “That is reallly a very heavy loss…”
    – “Very shameful act, the culprit should be punished”
    – “very bad”
    – “jitna afsos kia jaay kam hay. :-(”
    – “jab jahilo say kaam krwaya jayga to yahi hoga!
    Jab hkomat hi jahil hay to kaam karny waly kia hongy?”
    – “How low can they stoop in their sick mindedness ? Guess this low has no bottom!”
    – “this is sick. at least give the minorities equal human rights to live.”
    – “aik gandi machli”
    – “Kafir is a subject based on the verb Kufr. One who commits Kuf’r is Kafir. Kuf’r in Arabic dictionary bears three meanings.
    1. To conceal,
    2. To be ungrateful
    3. To deny or to reject.
    This word has been used in all these three meanings in the …Holy Quran.
    In Islamic terminology the word, is used for those who reject the islamic Faith.
    The word kafir is not an abusive statement but describes the belief of a Person. If Non-Muslims dont want to be called Kafirs then they may revert to Islam the Deen E Haq n they wont be among those who Deny The Haq or KAFIRS.
    Those Muslims who dont agree with my view point tell me, Even Quran calls them Kafir, Is Quran doing wrong…? Nauzbillah.
    I repeat KFIR is not an abusive statement but represents the one who Denies….!!
    Allah Knows Best.”
    – “euphemism is a necessary part of society during such occasions. the deceased guy’s family needs sympathies, not such strong language.
    Allah knows best.”
    – “…what you are saying is truly a logic based theory. Which i by no means can disagree with…but yeah the point is if he was a Hindu…why could he not labelled as HINDU…why not? Kafir is every non-muslim…here was a matter of identifying people for their last rituals which would be based on thier religious identities…so then why not Hindu?
    May Prem Chand’s sould rest in Peace with all the other nationals…May God forgive them all Ameen!!!”
    – “ure kidding, right? so just because he follows a different religion, we should call him kafir instead of using his name. why didn’t the other 153 people be called “Muslim” instead of their name?
    im amazed at ur idiotic argument. once you die, perhaps they should write “Idiot” instead of your name. after all, its not offensive. the dictionary defines an idiot as:
    1) an utterly foolish or senseless person.
    2) a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.
    ps: please don’t take this personally. im simply pissed because this is exactly what i think is wrong with pakistanis. we’re generally good people with good intentions. however, we don’t realize when we cross the boundary and start interfering in other people’s lives. if someone in the western world did this to a muslim (label him infidel instead of using his name), we’d come out on the street and start killing people and destroying property.
    pps: im deeply ashamed at this story. it speaks very low of our country and our religious and moral values. id personally apologize to anyone/everyone who is offended by these actions. and obviously im saddened by the tragic death of a fellow pakistani. everyone seems to think extremely highly of him, and im sure Prem was a wonderful person. hope his family can eventually overcome this huge loss.”
    – “its not their fault…
    they have been taught to do so…
    ask them and they will justify this Act like Awan did..
    must be a zakir naik..follower… “

  18. Durrani says:

    Thank you ATP for highlighting this and for raising this issue. It is things like this – everyday intolerance – that corrupts the whole nation and the hatemongers who support this.

    The sad thing is that it is NOT just one person but too many who do these things or tolerate them.

    But the good thing is that because of your writing about it people are speaking against it and that is important. Let us all speak against this and do the real jihad : Say something is wrong when we see the wrong. Least form of jihad, but an important one.

    These hatemongering extremists who call others kafir are even worse themselves and are poisoning all of society and we must not let that happen.

  19. Sajjad says:

    My apologies to Prem Chand’s Family.

  20. Farouqui says:

    I am glad people are speaking out against these things. We have kept quiet too long and that has only encouraged the bigots. Let’s all speak up please.

  21. Salman says:

    he should have been labeled “hub-e-watan kafir”, right ? … everyone has to justify how patriotic he was !!! being human isn’t enough..

    Was someone of his religion “allowed” to be president of the Youth Parliament ? .. i don’t know.. but whatever happened was consistent with what is official.. and “according to constitution”..

    yes.. SHAME on us.. for being consistent with him in life and death..

    but lets not be so hypocritical by creating this hype after his death.. his identity was NOT human being .. his official identity was “kafir” before and “kafir” after death..

    and before I am labeled non-patriotic .. let me declare that I salute our disgraceful constitution.. and the disgraceful person who used the right word to label him.. i would just add that he should have added “Hindu” in parenthesis after “kafir” ..

    and should have used a WHITE marker instead of red.. like our flag..

  22. Venie says:

    This article is a wonderful reflection on tolerant Pakistani people: thank you. Labels just lead to divisions and are only used to reinforce differences. Lets emphasise similarities. We are all people; we are all trying to live our lives as best we can in harmony with others. Sincere condolences to Prem’s family, whatever their beliefs or background.

  23. Nihari says:

    I really want to throw up

  24. SAM says:

    Those who labelled his coffin with such disgracefull remark should have realised a fact first that what as a normal muslim citizen of pakistan what are we contributing to our country instead just making such kind of discrimination.shame on those who have done this.

  25. auk says:

    Self righteous, narrow minded bigots is what we are as a nation. This is an absolute outrage, and an insult to the religion that we claim to be followers of.

  26. Talal Munzar says:

    @Zafar Gul:
    Narrow minded religious bigots have no place in this world.
    You people are devoid of and sense of humanity.

    You literally disgust me!

  27. Mehvish says:

    We salute you Prem Chand . My his relatives have the Patience to forbear this colossal loss .

  28. Adnan says:

    Sad Indeed but it needs to be investigated whether it was done just for sake of “fun” or it was officially marked? If it was an official attempt than they could write his name to differ from others so that his elders or anyone could easily recognizeable for funeral ritual but labeling as Kaafir is just like American Christian bigots planning to celebrate upcoming 9/11 by humiliating Quran

  29. Adnan says:

    Why to single out Pakistan when a secular country like USA endorse such crackpots in the name of freedom of expression?

  30. muhammad amjad says:

    well,all those who say it’s all a foreign conspiracy,that no one amongst us can do anything wrong,take a look at some of the hatefilled,bigoted,intolerant,selfrighteous comments reflecting the problem within our society.

    This diseased mindset of superiority over other ppl & then forcing everyone else through violence to accept one’s superiority has led our country into the mess that we are in.

  31. MeNeverEver says:

    Prem Chand was and is Pakistani first then anything else. My condolences to Prem Chand’s family, and to all victims of this awful tragedy.

  32. amin panaawala says:


  33. To the people who think that some of us are getting obsessed with this. I am sorry but we are not obsessing just saying something that truly isn’t right. Allah tells us to respect everyone. We all have to ask ourselves what we are and what we consider other Pakistanis to be. Do we think we are Muslims first or Pakistanis? If a Pakistani dies do we want to know what religion they are from? No need to know!. God isn’t it enough that that a human being died! A patriotic Pakistani died!

    Ont he other hand, to people who think Pakistan is the racist country. Believe me it’s not. It’s just a matter of a few individuals …a few bad apples…that ruin our country and it’s image. I’ve been to over 20 countries lived in a few. I know for a fact that other places are very racist. Pakistan is great in many ways.

    May your soul rest in peace Prem Chand and the other 151 passengers who died in the tragic plane crash. 1-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2011-01-01T00:00:0 0-08:00&max-results=4

  34. Faisal says:

    My prayers are with the families of all those who died in the plane crash and recent flooding. RIP.

  35. Dr j I bhatti says:

    Prem chand you are our hero,Allah bless you!may Allah grant you peace and your family to bear this tragic loss
    You are loss to our country
    Great hero

  36. imli says:

    Islam has never taught us to disgrace any religion, and here its case of a Pakistani. Guys all you have to do is to put yourself in his shoes, imagine yourself as an Indian or some other national and be loyal and patriotic, and with your sudden death what do you get; disgrace! this is Utterly SICK! for God sake get to know Islam and yourselves well and then talk about anything else.

  37. readinglord says:

    A great job dear Darwaish.

    My question is whether a dead body can be a kafir or muslim. Dead bodies are only remains of human beings and aught to be disposed of respectfully. The muslim religion mongers do use this term as a an insulting hateful abuse (gaali, in Punjabi). This shows only the meanness of a person who lets no chance to go by to inflate his meanish ego.

    In fact paky religion is nothing else but absurdism. They treat themselves as shaheed (gone to heaven) when killed but then grieve and protest for being granted this honour.

  38. Rationalist says:

    What’s common with all these problems?

    Yes, you got that right…. it’s Religion!

    It’s time we as human civilization move from discriminating on the basis of which fairy tale they believe.

    Yes, Religion does teach morality but it comes at a grave price. A price of hate, discrimination, irrationality and most importantly just plain stupidity.

    No Religion = not necessarily a completely peaceful world.
    but No Religion = a better world.

  39. Eidee Man says:

    It’s useless to argue with people here who think the shameful markings were appropriate. I bet if one of them were in the same position, another would come in and mark his coffin with the same word. That is what happens when arrogance turns into insanity.

  40. Obi Von says:

    I soo agree with the post by Rationalist. Religion or misunderstanding of religion is what leads to such iggnorant reactions. it saddens me greatly how ignorrant most of the people of Pakistan are, yet they are ignorrant of that fact as well. This is what happens when Religion is imposed on people by a select few. Religion should be your personal connection with the Divine for it is for It that you are religious and not for any mortal, yet most people practice Islam for others and not to please the creator. I agree there would be less hatered in the world if it were not for the false religions which control us. As someone so aptly stated “God is too big to be contained in any one religion” And Amun to that.

  41. imran says:

    This episode is a reflection of Pakistan in general. Chaos persists even when we are dealing with victims of a tragedy. I will not reflect further on the bigoted and despicable act of labeling the remains of this promising young Pakistani a kafir. However, I do want to understand why was it that there was no one to manage the whole process. It is quite evident that the labeling of caskets was left to clerical staff who were not monitored. I am assuming (and maybe I shouldn’t) that a mid level officer from the civil aviation or any other concerned department would have realized the mistake and corrected it. On the other hand is the argument that we as a nation are ignorant of right and wrong when it comes to the minorities or have-nots. Regardless, I am sickened by this act and hope that this becomes a teaching moment for our country. The pessimist in me is not holding his breath.

  42. More comments from the ATP Facebook page:

    – “It is only up to Allah to decide who is a kaafir and who is not. We have no right to label anyone!”
    – “ome What I agree with u.. tht he could have been labeled as Hindu, but wht im trying to convey here is tht Kafir is not an Abusive statement.
    No kid im not kidding, Kafir is as abusive as u been Called a Muslim. No matter where and how u fit the word Kafir it can not be abusive.
    Even i can go on calling u Jerk, Dumb, crack head etc. (plz dnt bother to chk up the dictionary, im sure u must be aware of the meaning) but i wont.. Cuz such words r abusive.
    I was already aware tht ppl like u r present among us so for u so called Muslims i quoted Quran as an reference but Strange u r still denying… May Allah Help u n guide u, thts all i can say.
    As far as Kafir been written on his cofin was concrnd, We live in an islamic state where bodies r treated under the islamic belifs, if some is not muslims and some one mentioned it on his cofin Wus the Big Deal..
    Why r Non-Muslims r ashamed of being called Non-Muslims or Kafirs. Well if they r, They r most Welcome to Islam.
    Yep Sis we r taught to do so, its obligatory in our religion to Guide the Misguided and Promote Truth, But its also a fact tht Truth is Bitter in taste, so ppl cant handle it easily but As our Holy Quran Says: “When truth is hurled against falsehood, falsehood perishes, for falsehood by its nature is bound to perish.” (Quran 17:18)”
    – “”Why r Non-Muslims r ashamed of being called Non-Muslims or Kafirs. Well if they r, They r most Welcome to Islam”. “Wus the Big Deal”
    What condescending statements! Who said they are ashamed? Dignity should be accorded to all people irrespetive of their religion.I think for the sake of your argument it would be more appropriate to quote from the Holy Quran where it says that coffins should be labelled as kaafir as opposed to selecting verses that no one was arguing against in the first place.”
    – “kafir is absolutely an abusive term and used as such in Pakistani society. If indeed you are as great a Muslim as you pretend to be then have respect for human beings, not just “Muslims”.”
    – “he Prophet (PBUH) said, “Near the establishment of the Hour there will be days during which Religious Ignorance will spread, knowledge will be taken away (vanish) and there will be much Al-Harj (killing)” Sahih Bukhari.
    Quran often addresses non-believers as non-believers (Kafirs)
    Those who do not rule in accordance with GOD’s revelations are the disbelievers.[5:44]
    Those who do not rule in accordance with GOD’s revelations are the wicked. [5:47]
    Those who do not rule in accordance with GOD’s revelations are the unjust. [5:45]
    These are just few of many verses in Quran, There’s a full Chapter in Quran in which Allah is addressing Non-Believers directly
    109. Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers) “kul’ya’aiuhal’kafirun Say, “O disbelievers”…
    Again: Kafir is not an abusive word, its a word of Arabic Language means (Non-Believers), and it is used by Allah in Quran to address Non-Believers..
    I feel sorry for all u guys here who are arguing on such a Clear point of Islam, there’s no difference of opinion on this matter in any sect of Islam, still u’re arguing on it… what a shame!
    Al-Qur’an: Indeed, the transgressors have followed their own opinions, without knowledge. Who then can guide those who have been sent astray by GOD? No one can ever help them [30:29]..
    Note: This conversation has nothing to do with Prem Chand (Late) and his family, i feel sorry for his loss nd my sympathies r wid his family…”
    – ” mery bhai ye kaun si batain ho rahi hain.That was mistake of one compounder or clerck not of the system or bla bla………,Who is not giving the equal rights?Who is disgracing?Khuda k liye hamain hosh k nakhun lene chahiein.Media persons,Govt. aur hr shehri ne dukh ka izhaar kia hai us family k saath.I think ye article likhney wala yahi chahta tha,k hum aapis main uljhain aur humari international level pe insult ho.jis main wo kamyab ho gia.ALLAH HUM PE RAHEM KARY.”
    – “Propaganda against Pakistan and Pakistani Nation.The purpose of this article is to put us down, nothing else.”
    – “I Pray deep from the core of my heart May Allah SWT guide the misguided… AAmeen”
    – “People i feel equally sad for the guy to be labelled as Kafir and not Hindu…but that does not mean you misinterpret your own religion. Kafir is not abusive…it means non-believer…please dont touch the extremes in the name of ENLIGHTENING ISLAM. The bottom line is Prem Chand’s body should have been labled as HINDU and that should be the subject of our discussion here. And what Abdullah says is logical based, if you disagree, go and read and bring your own logical based argument. God bless us all including Prem Chand.
    This is an issue with us Muslims and Pakistanis…we never let go a chance of creating our own arguments…its high time to have a thing called NATIONALISM and BROTHERHOOD. Pleae tolerate each other at least in public places.”
    – “There were go again bickering amongst ourselves what to do wrt religion, what did Allah say, what did Quran say, who is more Pakistani and what label should be given to the dead. WAKE UP, the guy’s dead! he lost his life and his family has to live with this reality for the rest of their lives. Can’t you all see that? Forget religion for a brief moment (Allah won’t blast you with lightening -relax) and share Prem Chand’s family’s grief in thoughts atleast and let him and his memory be. Be human for a change and give faith a rest.”
    – “may i request you not to have arguments here with volitale natured…they are pissed enough to react irrationaly…they are adults and know what is right and wrong…my only concern is that here we are giving rise to those flames that are better undone otherwise…its like kissi ko bilawaja gunehgaar honay ka moqa daina. I mean this is a pity that we dont understand even what Kafir means. So please lets just ignore.”
    – “reading some of the comments here is sickening!! even in death you guys can’t leave minorities alone,even in death they have to be subjected to your hate & bigotry.”
    – ” I am a practicing Muslim, living in USA. I agree with everyone who expressed their anger over the ill treatment of Prem Chand’s coffin. I think as a Muslim we must respect all the faiths and people from other religion as Allah’s beloved Prophet SAW said, don’t even curse the false Gods of Mushrikeen, they may not curse your true God in return otherwise”. I think Prem Chand is supposed to be given an honorable and respectful funeral and I will stand by Pakistan’s Youth Parliament organization. Please accept my condolence of not only the loss of 152 lives, as well as Prem Chand’s death but my sadness on the ill treatment of Prem Chand’s coffin. May Allah guide us all. Whatever “Kafir” means being Muslim we all know but since it is a disgraceful word in the Subcontinent so this word was not supposed to be used.”
    – “Sis i really appreciate ur thought, and yep u r right.
    Guys im really sorry if i hurt anyone’s feelings though my intention was not tht, but i also got a bit harsh to the harsh comments in reply, which i should have not. I was never trying to de-garde anyone whether Muslim or Non-Muslim, dead or alive, islam gives equal right to every human, So should we muslim respect and treat everyone with respect, regardless of religion.
    I was just trying to convey that the word kafir is been wrong interpreted here, which un-intentionally lead to have hurt u ppl. Im sorry again for this.
    Even I feel sorry for every single person tht died in tht plane crash,
    May Allah SWT have Mercy on those poor families they left behind. Aameen.”
    – “Anyone who has grown up in Pakistan knows that ‘kafir’ has connotations that extend far beyond the literal meaning. You don’t refer to someone as a ‘kafir’ out of respect; it is a term meant to offend, ostracize, and denigrate. In a deeply religious society such as ours, it is perhaps the worst insult you can hurl at someone.
    Being Pakistani is so closely tied with being Muslim (let’s not forget the ‘Pakistan ka matlab kya hai’ nonsense) that impugning someone’s religious identity is tantamount to rejecting them as Pakistani.
    In my eyes, Prem Chand is a Shaheed. He dedicated his life to the uplift and development of this country and lost his life on a trip which was part of that lifelong struggle to improve Pakistan.
    How sad that even in death, there is no dignity for Pakistan’s non-Muslim citizens. This country truly is hell on earth for religious minorities.”
    – “really sad this deleberate crime hurted family of poor soul more than his death pakistan doesnt belong to muslims only all minorities are equally pakistani as any ordinary muslim pakistani……….quaid e azam muhammad ali jinnah founder of pakistan his statements are on record”
    – “I Am Shocked to See This Much Of Religious Ignorance..
    meray bhai, kisi k Pakistan main paida honay ya na honay say Deen nai badlay ga.. Alhamdolilah Deen wahi rahay ga jo 1400 saal pehlay Allah nay humaray liye mukamal kar diya hay, or InshaAllah ta Qiyamat ismain koie tabdili nai aye gi.. Kash humnay Thora Quran or Sahi Hadees ko parha hota to aaj humain apny Mazhab ka pata hota, Humain Pata Hota k what is the True Definition of Kafir and what is the True Definition of Shaheed……… Astaghfirullah Astagfirullah Astaghfirullah………”
    – “OMG look at us, i really feel shame for us muslims where r we going. All u up there u clearly remember that u are a human, ok! good thing one should be human but
    Why are u a dam HUMAN?
    Who has created u?
    What are the demands of ur creator?
    As a muslim we have strong believe that Allah is our only creator and QURAN is His word, Plz be informed Quran comes 1st then humanity.
    And also not to forget there is not a Single vers of Quran or teaching of islam that is against Humanity. To be a good or best Human u have to be a Good Muslim. The best Human ever came on this face of Earth Was Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH. I hope all of u agree to my this logic by now.
    Now i feel sorry for those who are ignorant of the islamic teachings, i see many up there who r seeking forgiveness for Prem Chand, Praying for Allah’s mercy for him, Well i also feel pain for the Guy’s death, his family But am also aware of the Teaching of Islam which is:
    Abu Taalib, the uncle of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) died a kaafir (non-Muslim), and Allah forbade His Prophet to pray for forgiveness for him, even though he used to defend the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and said in his poems: “I do know that the religion of Mohammad is better than all other religions of mankind; were it not for fear of blame or slander, you would find me accepting it completely.”
    it is impermissible (haram) to make dua for forgiveness and the like for a non-Muslim, for Allah Most High said, “It is not for the Prophet and those who believe to pray for the forgiveness of unbelievers even though they may be near of kin after it has become clear that they are people of hell-fire.” [Qur’an, 9: 113]
    “And pray you never over any of their dead, and not stand over his grave. No doubt, they rejected Allah and His Messenger and died while they were disobedient.” [Qur’an, 9: 84]
    But, Nawawi (Allah have mercy on him) stated in his al-Adhkar that… it is permitted to pray for guidance for non-Muslims, good health well-being, but for living ones.
    We no doubt r Pakistani but not to forget we r Muslims first. We should love our country and its fellow men but should stay in the limits of Islam.”


    Readers will note that a large number of comments, all of them similar and all of them arguing that somehow writing ‘kafir’ on Prem Chand’s coffin was the ‘proper’ and ‘right’ thing to do have been removed. We have removed these NOT as an act of censorship (other, much fewer, comments with similar ideas have been retained and some from our Facebook Page have been reproduced here) but because they were an act of lying and fraud.

    ALL OF THEM CAME FROM THE SAME IP ADDRESS WITH MULTIPLE FAKE NAMES (i.e., they were lies) AND THEY DID NOT EVEN ORIGINATE IN PAKISTAN (It is a US IP address, based in Evanston, Illinois: Indeed, they were an example of the worst form of trolling. They were purposely planted to give the impression that lots of Pakistanis were bigoted and, indeed, as you will see too many people took the bait and did exactly what those comments wanted them to do.

    We have also taken down comments responding directly to these lying comments (or removed those parts of the comments which were direct responses to the offensive comments), but we have not taken down comments that are more general in nature because there are, indeed, serious problems of intolerance in our midst. That, after all, was the point of the post. What is striking is that once you take away the multiple comments from that one IP address, the balance of opinion becomes very very different. This is, indeed, an extreme measure and one which we have taken because some extreme limits were crossed here – and, just like the writing on Prem Chand’s coffin, they were crossed for the express purpose of spreading hatred.

    None of the above changes the essence of this post or the fact that there are bigots who would do acts like this. Indeed, that was the point of the original post. And that point remains as valid as it was before. But let us use our anger at this bigotry to rid our society of the bigotry, instead of ourselves becomes tools for bigots of a different kind!

    P.S. On our Facebook Page, there are also a few who hold opinions different from those expressed in this post, but they repeat the argument under the same name (on the Facebook thread, people have commented with the same view multiple times); We do not agree with those views but do not intend to censor it for that reason. In this case, however, there was a clear case of deception and lies (using multiple names to propagate the same message) to create a false impression purposefully.

    P.P.S. We have also removed two other comments, with the opposite view which came from the same IP address but clearly used different names to suggest that their view was more widely held!

    Read ATP Comment Policy here:

  44. Iqbal Alvi says:

    I am very impressed by ATP Editors and very happy that they have taken the trouble and time to figure this out and to clean that lying filth out.

    Earlier, I saw some of these comments and my blood boiled. I could not believe that anyone with Muslim sounding names and seem like Pakistanis could say those things. It was like they hated Pakistan more than anything else. The thought crossed my mind that I should reply to them like others were, but then I thought why should I dignify this filth with answers.

    But the real question is, who would do this?

    I really do not think it is the religiously motivated people saying this. I have been following the comments on your FB page, where it is the religiously motivated people arguing that ‘kafir’ is a technical term and not meant to be an insult (I think that argument is bogus), but they are NOT defending insulting a dead person and they are also all agreeing that what happened to the coffin was a disgrace. These comments that I saw this afternoon were different because they all seemed to attack Pakistan rather than what happened and seemed to keep saying that since this country was made in the name of religion so it was against minorities.

    I do not usually believe in conspiracy theories, but I do think this is much more likely some Indian fanatic (we have our own fanatics like this too) trying to score a quick point against Pakistan by hiding behind false names to make Pakistan and Islam look even more bad.

    I do not know if it was or not, but I do think that whoever tried to do this by spreading this hatred is as bad as teh whoever wrote ‘Kafir’ on Prem Chand’s coffin. So, Mr. IP Address, Shame on you!

  45. Zafeer says:

    Thank you to ATP editors for catching this lying @#$%. I say this because even though this happens all the time on the internet, this was really disgusting because this low-life, whoever he is, was trying to throw oil on a fire and creating even more hate.

    But I really have to wonder, why do we fall for this even when we know it happens so often. Why do so many people fall for what these lowlife people want them to do. I guess that lowlife is now laughing at himself for having suckered Paksiatnis into badmouthing themselves and making themsleves look even worse than they are. We have some real deep problems, but we are really not that bad and should focus more on solving our problems than on falling for these cheap tricks.

  46. USMAN says:

    I guess that explains it. I kept thinking this morning, how come the comments on Facebook seem more ‘sane’ than those on the main ATP page, that nearly never happens :-)

    Glad you caught this.

  47. SM says:

    Why there is Re-post of a controversial issue?

  48. sitwat qadri says:

    it is wrong, he was a human being and a pakistani, if we in a country (where Muslims are in minority) will be treated like this as a muslims what we will do , i say sorry to all Hindus in Pakistan on behalf of the misguided and intolorent muslim who did it.

    we will never rise as a noation until we come over these differences of religion,sect, province and caste.

    as a black american is now president of USA and aparthied is over in South Africa, we are engulfed between such issues.
    as a avid military history follower i know that many chiristains died for Pakistan especially airforce .people like yousuf (Before conversion) and Danish have served pakistan in cricket.Abdussalm was a ahamadi and so on.

    infact many will label every one kafir who is muslim but not of thier sect.Man only god will help us.

  49. Human says:

    Lets let Allah decide. Just pray for all who have last their lives and their families. Peace

  50. Ammar says:

    This is the worst form of persecution, the state of minorities in Pakistan is deplorable and this can be attributed to the widespread intolerance in society. We cannot eradicate terrorism unless we make our society tolerant and progressive.

  51. Pasha Mubeen says:

    Tolerate intolerance is a suicide.
    If all decent Pakistani who want to live in their homeland with their human dignity than they have to understand and STOP !!!
    negative impacts of islamic facism of power hungry jahil religious fundamental groups in Pakistan which has already panatrated in pakistani society like a tumor.
    Just desparate prays will not helpful for creation of better civic society. It is astonishing to see in 21st century our society is stuck with 6th centuries moral values.

  52. Rehan says:

    I think it is the time when Pakistaniat should change its slogan from All things Pakistan to Bad Things Pakistan. We already have tons of bad news in Pakistan all over, are they not enough for you to post here? Few days back you were apologizing Ricky Pointing for pepsi ad now you picked up this news which could have been ignored. You have highlighted this and started this issue/debate of non-muslim or Kafir. What good you did with this post to Pakistan or Prem Chand Family???

  53. Kasim Mahmood says:

    Simply sad.

  54. Ali says:

    It may have been that the mark was made prominent so that the jazbati Pakistani Qaum does not starts saying Funeral prayers of the deceased.

    Rest Allah(SWT) knows best.

  55. Manoj says:

    Dear Writer and all those who condemn this act,

    I thank you guys for condemning this and bringing this to light to the rest of Pakistanis and it is because of you guys that this country is still thriving. Religious intolerance and extremist thinking has already earned us the kind of repute that one can only realise when he steps out of Pakistan where even the cab drivers and street vendors only associate violence and sick feelings when asked as to what they think of Pakistan. This is very shameful for us who go out there in other countries as visitors.

    However, having said this, I am still proud to be a resident of this country where despite all gloom, there is still a thin ray of light in the form of people whose faith is beyond religion and narrow mindedness.

    May God bless us all and teach us that humanity is the only true way of life and our respective relions and faiths come after.

  56. RANA says:

    @Rehan and others.
    The GOOD news from Pakistan is that ATP and Darwaish and Adil Najam and others are now speaking up for what is right. They are not tolerating stupidity from Pepsi or bigotry from the mullahs anymore. That is not only good news but great news. Once we start pointing out the wrongs within our society we will then move to stop them.
    Thank you ATP for being the conscience of Pakistan.

  57. Adnan says:

    1100+ has been died so far due to flood.

    In KArachi MQM MPA has been shot dead and yet again entire Karachi has been hijacked by few and city has been deserted.

  58. Pakistani says:

    Yes, Adnan. Hope you have also left comments on the many posts that this blog has done on that in the last week. Did not see you jumping up in anguish at those people’s death earlier. Seems like now you want to use their death to distract attention away from the bigotry of your mullah friends!

  59. NAEEM says:

    I am glad you caught that lying imposter and cleaned the comments that were false. Unfortunately, this happens all the thime on the internet and especially because your blog is so highly regarded, I often feel that some people use its comments section to promote false propaganda and anti-Pakistani ideas acting like Pakistanis. Usually you can tell by subtle differences in how they post and you will note that whenever anything bad happens you get two types of comments condemning it: from concerned Pakistanis thinking about how to improve things, and from India agents and free lance bigots raising ideas about how this or that is because Pakistan was a bad idea to begin with or some such thing. You can usually tell and I think all readers should beware and be careful not to fall into their trap.

  60. Rehan says:

    @ RANA
    There is nothing wrong in pointing out wrong things in our society but the thing is point out the things which are wrong don’t highlight small things which don’t even matter. ATP don’t need to craft posts in a way to make these things look bad.

  61. Adnan says:

    @Pakistani by nick: Distracted and enslaved mentality don’t need to be distracted further.

  62. Shakeel says:

    I am sorry to say that this the above blog simply is an unsuccessful attempt to get easy fame, do u pple really think this is a matter that is more important than what already suffering from flood n other riots in the country. and secondly if any 1 thinks dat word “Kafir” is an insult or indecent word den go n check explanation from Dr. Zakir Naik and secondly it should have been a disgrace to nation if nauzibillah work “Kafir” would have been written on a muslim’s Coffen.

  63. Athar S. says:


    This is really high time for introspection and where has this nation come to? Thanks for being the conscience of true Pakistanis.

    The justifications by likes of Shakeel (for example) makes you ponder if there are any limits to bigotry, hatred and narrow-mindedness? And, where will all this head to? People like Shakeel like to think themselves as mouthpiece of Pak and what not – but, they could not be farther from truth. This cohort is supreme bigot and that is all.

    This is such a shame.

  64. Sajjad Junaidi says:


    Shame on you.

  65. ShahidnUSA says:

    Sorry Pakistan for the mishaps and irreplaceble loss of lives.
    Sometimes misery loves company. Like one disaster was not
    enough but one after the other beatings definitely challenges ones courage and faith. These challenges would not look so bad if the people in power were not oblivious and clueless to disaster management. I wonder what do they do all day.

    Thank you ATP for speaking out against the ignorance. Treating badly people of different faiths and beliefs is nothing new in pakistan. Telling people sometimes bluntly on their faces that mullahs religion is better than the other is only a temporary feel good attempt. If only they would know how bad they stink arround the world.

    No one is an enemy to Islam or Pakistan. These mullahs and their followers are biggest enemy to themselves.
    Definitely a time to learn.

  66. Bangash says:

    Pakistanis only have pretense of manners and civility, they are the core a bigoted and violent people.


    The word kafir is an insult in Pakistani society, get “dat” in your head and understand the huge insult to the Pakistani.

  67. Eidee Man says:


    I did not even have to read what you said; I just glanced at the “explanation from Zakir Naik.” We should not condemn you; because it is obvious you have a serious mental illness which you need to be treated for.

  68. Yasir says:

    The incident itself and this whole thread, including now this one guy Shakil (who knows who he is) can totally highjack a whole national conversation. I have looked both here and on your facebook discussion and clearly the VAST MAJORITY of people, religious or not, have condemned the act, same is true elsewhere. yet, a few people show up with a crazy view and yet we give them so much importance and have to answer them as if they are important.

    Sometimes it is best to ignore the idiotic fringe so they go away. One must never tolerate their bigotry but let us not also elevate them to being the ‘thought leaders’ in defining our conversation!

  69. RANA says:

    Rehan. This is NOT a small thing. I am disturbed you would think so. DO you think it is a ‘small’ thing when your religious beliefs are questioned and abused? If not, then why would others think so?

  70. Haroon says:

    Sad indeed. But let us also acknowledge that just about everyone is condemning this and no one is supporting or defending this except for very few fanatics and even those who are debating the term are condemning the disgraceful act. That is a good sign just as it is a good sign that we are now all speaking up against such things. We must always speak up and check anyone who spreads hate. Anyone and everyone.

  71. Abdul Hai says:

    This problem is deep rooted. It is the result of bad teachers and others. This occurs on both sides of the border. You cannot blame the person who wrote Kafir on the coffin. Blame the media, politicians, social study books in school. The Pakistani and Indian societies are brain washed. I still remember my first experience meeting an Indian Hindu on my first day of graduate school in England. I greeted him and shook his hand assuming he was from Pakistan. In England all WOGS look alike. Afterwards, I felt like I had committed a sin by greeting a Hindu. I admit that I was brain washed in Pakistan at that time.

  72. sidhas says:

    Agar kise ko zaleel karna ho to ye kaam neem mullah khoob kartay hain. Sharafat aur insaniyat ka janaza nikalna hai. aap ko koi nahi milta aap en neem mullah khatra iman ko bulaeen.

    Zalalat ki bhi koi hud hoti hai, neem mullah aik nae baab tahrir kar rahay hain.

    Buray say bura insan marnay kay baad tawaqa rakhta hai kay aik decent burial milay ga.

    Decent burial to insan ki aik qadeem rasm aur qadr hai. Homer nay Antigone likhi uska mozoo kiya tha, proper burial halankay uska bhai aik ghadaar tha. Ye jazba, ye qadr insan ke bunyad hai. Live with dignity, die with honor.

    lekin ye dekh kar kay kuch loog abhi zinda hain insani qadroon ko buland rakhnay ka azm leay, acha lagta hai.

    Allah bara rahm karnay wala hai aur jo uskay bandoon ko be-izzat karta hain, zaleel kartay un loogon par ghazab karna wala hai.

    Prem Chand Pakistani, Zindabad

  73. Nihari says:

    mustaq ahmed yusufi nay likha hai…haram zadgi aur hramzadgi mein bunyadi farq hota hai. eik paidaishi wasf hota hai aur doosar zoor-e-bazu say paida hoti hai…jis kisi nay bhi yeh harkat ki hai usay donon mein kamal hasil hai

  74. sidhas says:

    Nihari bohat khoob.

    ATP readers, we should demand whoever did this is brought to justice.

  75. Ravi says:

    The person who wrote Kafir on the coffin might not a bigot. He could be an ignorant one. May be he doesn’t know the right word in the local language for the term ‘non Muslim’. Just from somebody’s name alone one cannot conclude that the person is a non Muslim. Majority of South East Asian Muslims and Turks do not use Arabic sounding names. Prem Chand could be an atheist also. A charred dead body looks the same whether the person is a Muslim or a non Muslim. We are all made of Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen molecules. There is nothing called a Muslim Oxygen or a Hindu Carbon. A few millimeters under the skin, we all look the same. Generally speaking most of the Hindus are believers in god and most of the Chinese are atheists. Since we all came from the same source or building blocks, we cannot authoritatively say that one is better than the other. Natural world is not boring because it is extremely diverse.

  76. Adnan says:

    The most cunning and wicked thing is that bigots who don’t get tired of using word “Mullah” in humiliating way to mock a community are complaining about others using same tone. Maybe they consider it an attack on their monopoly?

    No wonder this forum always amaze me with the height of ignorance and hypocrisy exhibit here

  77. readinglord says:

    Problem yih he kih mullah aur mullah-zadah log apne aap ko nabi aur khuda ki jagah rakh kar logon ke aqeede par judge ban bethte hein haalankih woh yih bhi nahein jaante kih Allah ki nazar nein unka apna aqeeda kia heisiat rakhta he (Dekhie verse 14 of Sura Hujrat 49).

  78. Rehan says:

    Rana.. I am not sure how his religious belief has been abused. Kafir is an abusive word if used for a muslim but not for a disbeliever. Its a word used by Allah in Quran. Non-muslim, Ghair-Muslim or kafir they all mean same.

  79. No Name says:

    Throughout the rule of Muslim majorities the world over, non-Muslims were/are treated as dhimmis/third-class people. During the Ottoman rule, non-Muslims could not walk on the same side of the road as Muslims and they also had to pay Jizya (the tax imposed on all non-Muslims). There was no “golden period” of Islamic subjugation for the non-Muslims when they were ruled by Muslim rulers. This was the same in the Mughal empire as well. Why doesn’t the Muslim community in Pakistan write
    “Made by Kafirs” on their TV sets, the cars they drive, the mobile phones, the computers they use, the airplanes of the Pakistani (PIA) airlines, on their UK residency permits, on their English-language books, on the printing presses used to print Qurans, on their DVDs, videos, headphones, iPods, Xray and MRI equipment, etc. Hazrat Mohammed’s behaviour was not the best if you read Ibn Ishaq’s account and the Hadith. Definitely not a role model for anyone, women and children included. Half the Muslim world (the Muslimahs) are missing from any decision-making or equal participation, including mosque attendance. Ahmaddiyas and Shia are accused of shirk even though Allah (SWT) says in Surah 23:14, that he one of the best creators (plural, meaning there is more than one creator).

  80. Adnan says:

    @No Name: How one would even consider you credible while you don’t have guts to share your identity.

    Definitely crackpots like you are not even asked to witness whether the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) or even other prophets are best or not while person like Michael H.Hart declares Muhammad on top in his famous book, “The 100″( Though I and any other Muslim don’t need his witness either. So just don’t share your might ignorance about a topic which you can’t even grasp properly. Definitely its like an attempt of a illiterate farmer arguing about Software methodologies with an engineer.

  81. Rasheed says:

    OK Rehan. As you wish.
    If YOU think there is nothing wrong with being called a Kafir because the word is in the Quran, then I guess YOU will feel proud if YOU are called a KAFIR. Afterall, Allah uses the word in the Quran so it must be the right one! By the way, what would YOU like to be written on your coffin: Kafir (from Kafiroon) or Munafiq (from munfiqoon)? By the way, some word for khinzeer is also mentioned in the Quran. So, is it now OK to call people that too!!!!

    Personally, I do not want to be called any of these things, whether mentioned in the Quran or not. If you do, that is your business.

  82. Rehan says:

    Rasheed it will be better to stay on the topic rather than personal attacks.
    Its not what word is used or not in Quran the thing is how Allah referred to non-believers? Allah used word kafir for non-believers not for muslims.

  83. Hashim Khan says:

    Clearly the OP didnt get what the guys cousin was trying to do. shame on you i say

  84. readinglord says:


    Do you think Allama Iqbal, a bigot, a wicked man, as he had said:

    “Deen-e-Mullah fi-sabilillah fassad”

    In fact, Mullah is the ‘gher-fitri’ growth, a cancer, of Islam, the deen-e-fitrat, a religion of peace.

  85. M. Aamir Khan says:

    Prem Chand i am feeling shameful

  86. hira says:

    REHAN is right actually. i once heard a lecture by Dr.Zakir nayek who said the same thing

    kafir means non-believer. and if non-muslims are so offended they may convert to islam. we can’t change this. it is in religion. although i do have my reservations against it. but yes. it is a strong argument. though here it is taken in the wrong context.
    as though my sympathies are not with him. it is tragic for us. death of such a brilliant person. and maybe the authorities should have avoided doing something like that just to spare the feelings of his relatives and friends. its improper but not wrong :(

    – :(

  87. Rasheed says:

    Rehan, I am missing your logic.
    So, calling you a Kafir is a personal attack. But calling someone else a Kafir is not. Huh?
    Personally, as I said, I think calling ANYONE that is an abuse.
    My rule is simple, if I do not want to be called something myself then I have no right to call someone else that. No?

  88. Musalmaan says:

    If people think that the ‘authority’ on Islam is Zakir Naik, then God keep us safe from their Islam!

  89. Rabbani says:

    This is a sad and sorry incidence, clearly it is not an official but the fact that we have people who think this is OK is quite disgusting. I am happy that so many people are speaking out against it.

  90. Abida says:

    I am glad you have highlighted this audacity and also very glad to see that most people are speaking out against this. The fact that we are gives me hope for our future

  91. readinglord says:

    In a lighter vein:

    The word ‘kafir’ has been used by Ghalib very interestingly but never in a bad sense. For instance he says:

    “Qieyaamat he kih howey mudaaeiy ka hamsafar Ghalib
    Woh ‘kafir’ jo khuda ko bhi nah sounpa jaaey he mujh se”

    and Peshawaries use it to indicate a superlative degree of some quality. For instance a Peshawar praising a Mullah’s Qirat says in Peshawari:

    “Us kafir mullah ne jeiy zaalim qirat kiiti aey kih meinoon kharaab kar ditaas”.

  92. Fauzia says:

    Thank you to ATP for this post and to the comments. It is clear that most Pakistanis condemn this type of behavior. As long as good people speak up against these things, we can overcome the few bad apples who are trying to give all of us a bad name.

  93. Adnan says:

    @ReadingLord: Don’t be wicked and ignorant while quoting Allama. This is the same Allama who once said:

    “Ain Ho Muslim Harm ki Pasbani K Liye
    Neel K Sahil Ta Khak-e-Kashgar Tak”

    which negates the so called concept of Nationalism preached by Liberals and promote the concept of Ummah.

    So many times Allama glorified Jihad and Mujahids. For instance Tariq Ki Dua.

    So when you are quoting Allama, are you embracing all the teachings by him like glorifying Jihad,concept of Ummat?

    Have you ever read stuff like “Ibless ki Shura” and other stuff or you just heard about Allama from your ignorant elder liberals who often “use” Allama for their own sake? Go read that Iblees stuff,you will find tht Allama is actually addressing you.

    If you ain’t embracing Allama then you are being a bigot while referring Allama without even reading him. Yo are really opposite of your nick, you seldom read, you just hear others and quote here and there.

    It’s so shameful that people who don;t even have guts to share their own belief gets ready to attack on Islam by using any incident happens around.

    Why don;t you guys just share your own faith while attacking on others faith? you won;t because you know that your sect and faith is so fragile and radical that once it’s revealed you will not be able to defend it. Cowards!

  94. Adnan says:

    @hira: who said Kafir means “Non-Belivers”. Kafir means someone who rejects/negate “something”. Haven’t you heard thing like “Kufran-e-Naimat”? Technically Speaking ,for Christians we are infidels(Kafir) because we don’t embrace their faith ,so is for other faith. Bible and other faith books use the world quite a time when referring their version of “non-believers”. So if Ia m not accepting some of your theory then I am technically a “kafir” of that particular thing.

    And for someone who is being a Ghalib Expert, Ghalib used the term “Kaafir” as it is used by other Muslims as Ghalib says:

    “Iman Mujhay Rokay Ha tu Khenchay hay Mujhe Kufr
    Kaaba Mere peechay Hay,Kaleesa(Church) merey agay”

    And between,Ghalib was neiter a Mullah nor Deobandi, He was a Shia by faith

  95. Faraz says:

    @Adnan: Let’s not forget that Allama himself, was once labelled by the mullahs as a kaafir. And now those of their ilk selectively quote him in their speeches.

    And to those arguing that there is nothing wrong with being labelled as a kaafir, I would like to ask, how you would feel if your relative dies in a non-muslim country and they label the coffin with word “infidel”?

    While it is true, that the literal meaning of the word “kaafir” is non-muslim, here in Pakistan, the way bigoted, hate-mongers use it, it has turn into an insult. For them a “kaafir” is a lesser form of life. It is as insulting as the word “nigger” is to African-Americans in the US.

  96. Asif says:

    The treatment metted out to his physical remains shows how the feeling of hate crept in the social order. Anything outside the Pakistani brand of Islam is untouchable to us . We have suffered a lot because of the twisted social outlook . While India focussed on their development and surging ahead as a world power , we ramain a jelous poor neibhour who is sparing no chance to hurt . Lets stop looking into things like this and focus on larger issues



  98. Adnan Ahmad says: amic-parties-19109.html

    Where Bangladesh has gone ahead of the rest in South Asia.

  99. Bangash says:


    The Allama may have talked about jihad and mujahid, but I doubt he equated that to violence , kalashnikovs and stupidity, which is what mullahs like you equate jihad to.

    The treatment meted out to Prem Chand, and the justification being given by dirty mullahs on this forum, give a glimpse into why Pakistan is the hellhole it is today.

  100. Adnan says:

    Irony is, a country where 1500+ people have lost their lives and 2.5 millions are homeless now, self-acclaimed are busy in whining about an issue far less important than what’s currently happening in world. At one side Mr.Zardari is enjoying his honeymoon in Europe and issuing Fatwa that Americans have lost Afghan war while on other side,secular militant parties like MQM and ANP are busy to kill each other.

    My dear Faraz, better come out of your comfort zone and bring courage to condemn things happening around. Blaming every ting to Mullahs just reveals your own mental impotence about an issue. Karachi has been hijacked by secular MQM and ANP rather than Taliban. These parties are responsible of killing of 65+ people in just two days. So don’t burry your head in sand and learn to face reality. This Mullah bashing is not going to save your pants

    And to label some of my relatives as “Kafir” in other country, while more worst have happened with distant family friends who lost their lives just in Bombay Riots just because they were “Muslims”and mind you, this happened in our very own “secular” India.

  101. Bangash says:


    Read the topic of this post, which is the death of Prem Chand in airline disaster and the subsequent insult to his coffin. We are not talking about floods or anything else here.

    You can go to the pages about floods and continue your rants there. What will not change is that it is perfectly appropriate to blame the mullah for Pakistan’s current troubles. Whether it is terrorism, sectarianism, stupidity or misogyny, or attacks on cultural symbols and masjids, the mullah is at the forefront.

  102. Adnan says:

    @Bhangash: ATP has long history of make both irrelevant posts and comments. Even many radical resident liberal kids have made irrelevant comments, Your very own is one of them so don’t worry about it.

    Whether it is terrorism, sectarianism, stupidity or misogyny, or attacks on cultural symbols and masjids, the mullah is at the forefront.

    This ignorance is no different than yanks who blame Osama even if their kids pee in pants.

    The Prophet(saw) is not among us otherwise you and your people would have declared Mullah too for their battles with non-believers and practicing of a religion. Bother yourself to read up the stories of people like Imam Hanifa and others and you would find that your ancestors even declared them Mullah because they had opposed anti-religious people of that time.

  103. Iqbal says:

    We Pakistanis think that we are the only true Muslims on this planet and have the right to condenm and pass judgement on all & sundry. We think that Allah Almighty has gives us this right. We forget that our great religion teaches us to be compassionate, merciful, kind, honest, tolerant and clean. We are selective in our beliefs and are dishonest to the core. Prem Chand was a human being and like all humans he was also a creation of Allah Almighty.

  104. No Name says:

    The concept of peace, mercy and forgiveness is different in Islamic countries and what is understood by the minorities in those countries.
    For mercy, try the following individuals who were ‘forgiven’ by Prophet Mohammad (pbuh):

    Asma bint Marwan
    Ka`b bin al-Ashraf (BUKHARI, VOLUME 5, #369)
    Uqba bin Abu Muayt (BUKHARI, volume 4, # 2934; MUSLIM, volume 3, #s 4422, 4424; IBN ISHAQ page 308 / 458)
    Al-Nadr bin al-Harith
    Abu Afak
    Ibn Sunayna

  105. bvindh says:

    Whoever have mocked the coffin as “khafir” is performing his sacred religious duty of mocking kafir’s dead body if not a live one.
    I pray to Almighty Allah that the guy who wrote the words be rewarded in the jannath by 500000000 virgins and 9000000 little boys “shining like pearls”

  106. Pakistani says:

    I did not know about this and did not want to know as there is already enough pain around.You do have the knack to bring up things which belittle us but some how you look the other way when when it comes to USA or India.I am sure you get the drift.This was an individual act highly condemnable.

  107. aks says:

    I was reading these few statements. I believe it’s upbringing kids parents responsibility also srounding I remember few incident where i have to face these kinds of nonsense staying pakistan people think being belong to different cast or national make differ to being muslim. I think when God make people same way this giving name muslim ,sikh hindu or others all man made . we shouldn’t be hatered to each other. Live in Love Peace and Let everyone live in same manor.

  108. Zia says:

    Very good that people are speaking up. Let us all promise that we will speak up when we see any injustice. It is our silence that has made the problem worse.

  109. Bangash says:

    @Adnan babu
    Once again your post has nothing to do with the topic which is the humiliation of Prem Chand, a Pakistani, even when he lies dead in his coffin. Its your mullah mentality to speak nonsense and confuse the opponent.

    Do not insult the Prophet(SAW) by comparing him to today’s savage mullahs in Pakistan, who specialize in hatred and violence against Pakistani lives, homes, livelihoods, mosques and cultural sites.

  110. Adnan says:

    @Bangash: Funny! At one side radicals like you mock Sunnats of the same Prophet Muhammad(SAw) one way or other ,even on public forum and then beg to consider you “decent” with Him? Somebody must redefine hypocrisy for me.

    If you are so brave then why dont you bring a “positive” change in society? but no! you will prefer to sit in your chilled rooms and continue ranting rather than fighting with your enemies in ground.

  111. Bangash says:

    Nobody here has mocked the Sunnat of the Prophet, however everyone here can see the nonsense coming out of your mouth and your grave insult to the Prophet(SAW) by comparing him to jihadis in Pakistan, who are nothing more than thieves, murderers, misogynsts and fasadis.

  112. Abdullah Quraishi says:

    This is a rediculas and breach of religious custom and principal. The people behind this who labeled is disgracing Isalm and Pakistan. But the Govt . authority should not allow to do like this works. So it showes the mentality of the Pakistan Govt. It is a shame to the Islamic community as Pakistan is an Islamic republic.

    The Pakistan govt. should appologize to the family of the beraved and to compensate for this type of disgrace.

  113. Ali Haqqani says:

    Prem Chand though not a Muslim was like my brother. Will any reader send me the family’s phone no. and I will call them from USA to tell them how much I love them.

    Ali Haqqani
    633 Gelderland Dr.
    Stallings, NC 28104

  114. Watan Aziz says:

    May the family of the Prem Chand find comfort and strength.

    Into blinding darkness enter those who worship ignorance and into greater darkness those who worship knowledge alone. Distinct they say is the result of knowledge and distinct they also say is the result of ignorance. This is what we heard from the wise who explained these matters to us. He who knows both knowledge and ignorance together, crosses death through ignorance and attains immortality through knowledge. – Isa Upanishad

    May this breath merge into the immortal breath. Then may the body end in ashes. AUM, remember what has been done, O intelligence remember what has been done, remember, remember. O Agni, O God, the knower of all our deeds, lead us along the right path to prosperity. Please take away from us our deceitful sins. Many prayers we offer you. – Isa Upanishad

    I am told this is the kind of prayer offered when a Hindu departs. I have erred in my understanding, it is entirely my fault.

    And may the children who have been pontificating on this thread grow up and find something useful.

  115. Adam Malik says:

    We are mourning and sad on loss of human lives in plane crash. Prem Chand was also amongst few most improtant and active young citizens of Pakistan working for betterment of the people and country. Heartiest condolence to the grieved family. We must demand from the authorities to take exmplary and effective action against nonsenseness by some individual there in PIMS or persons involved in rescue operation.

  116. Green says:

    Prem Chand was a human first and non-muslim later on, and each human whether he/she is dead or alive must be highly respected. Those who have done this must be ashamed of their selves.

    May Allah rest souls of all in peace who died in air crash, Ameen

  117. Sufyan Ahmed says:

    I Love Pakistan and all Pakistani like my own Family, weather they belong to any religion. Prem Chand was one of my Family member and has one more close relation ship as I am also from District Sanghar.
    Regarding this I just can say my ALLAH S.W.T give our Nation proper Education and give them direction to know the real Education for ISLAM.

  118. Mian Shahid Rafique says:

    Being a human being and muslim it is very shamefull act ,who ever did was a cruel and cold harted person because Prem Chand was and is a Pakistani and we are proud of him., we pray to Allah to mercy his soul and my deepest condolence to his family and i am really soory and ashamed ,please forgive us and we all are with you…

  119. Rafique says:

    Sad story
    But I am proud of Pakistanis who have risen to speak against this evil act.

  120. YLH says:

    Prem Chand’s soul is in good company. After all my father was a Kafir and he was one of the most upright, honest and courageous men I know.

    And let us not forget Kafir-e-Azam … the father of the nation… Mr. Jinnah. Like all Kafirs, he too was an upright man of integrity.

    Kafirs of the world unite.

    Kafirs Zindabad.

    Kafiristan Paindabad.

  121. Rizvi says:

    I hope that all the comments here condemning this act in strong terms is an indicator of a public opinion that is finally realizing that we have to speak up against these things. If so, then that is a good sign for the country.

  122. Shafqat says:

    This injustice is a traversity. I hope Prem Chand’s family and friends get solace from the fact that so many of their fellow Pakistanis are speaking up against this.

  123. Adnan says:

    Bangash: LOL! If you come out of cave and read International papers,your Elders in US,UK and Afghanistan are dying to sit on same table with same Jihadis :-). They have left clowns like you and other liberals who are on payroll of Washington and they themselves are busy in talk with Taliban. Go and do brush up your knowledge before arguing about something

  124. Bangash says:


    Another attempt to divert the discussion eh ? Mullah cannot learn new tricks.

    Just read the comments that Pakistanis are posting on this page, they condemn the desecration of Prem Chand’s body, that’s what makes us morally better then mullahs like you.

  125. Adnan says:

    @bangash: you are not only ignorant but mentally important and liar too. If you spend a slice of your day to read different stuff then you might not get chance to babble like that.

    You said nobody disrespected Prophet Sunnah while you and your other liberal kids don’t miss a chance to mock Jihad by using terms like “Jihadist” ignorantly and foolishly by copying West. Do you negate Jihad? Prophet(saw) was a Jihadist too so His companions(RA). Dare to use same term in humiliating way for them? Do you oppose Jihad? Being a Muslim I strongly support Jihad. Anyone who claims to be a Muslim must know that Jihad is one of the basics of Islam and like any other religion Jihad is part of Islam too to battle with evils. Now when you and your Westernized kids, who are on payroll of Western NGOs, happily mock Jihad, how do you even dare to say you never mocked Prophet(saw)’s Sunnah? Forget everything, your Uncle Sam is even praising Jihad and their knowledge about Jihad is far better than pseudo-intellectuals like you!

    Read this FOX NEWS headlines that How Americans fool liberals like you and other hand busy in negotiating with Talibans and glorifying Jihad. Kindly do brush up your knowledge before you argue about a matter.

  126. Bangash says:

    Pakistanis on this board by a huge margin condemn this desecration of Prem Chand’s body. Only a tiny number of dirty mullahs condone this act and use their old tricks of diversion and sowing confusion.

    This shows Pakistanis still have humanity in them and there is hope for Pakistan.

  127. Adnan says:

    @Bangash: *Smirk*. now when you saw that your Mama in washgintong Glorifying Jihad, you acted up like a Khisyani Billi and completely changed the thing. Amazing. You don’t have answer about Jihad either.

    On other hand,You seem blind too. Check out my very first comment before exhibiting your mighty ignorance and yes, do answer me . Mr. Bangash,you have been banged! :-)

  128. atheist says:

    maybe you guys are very optimist and i wish i was like you too but i gave up on pakistan, nothing surprise me anymore, only thing surprise me is that there are still people live in pakistan who claim that they are none muslim, they got balls, not me.

  129. Mohsin says:

    I am also glad to see people speaking out so strongly against this. Actually, I have not heard anyone, even the most extreme people I know defend this act. We may have many problems and things are certainly bad, but basic decency still exists in most people.

  130. Bangash says:

    Today The News contained an opinion piece in which the writer mentioned Prem Chand, lamented the disrespect to his body and urged Pakistanis to respect all faiths as advised by Quaid-e-Azam.

    That writer could have been influenced by this post on ATP and now Pakistanis will read about this incident in major newspaper. Good job ATP ! Pakistani awam still has humanity in it despite the best effort of bigoted mullahs and their online proxies.

  131. No Name says:

    There were minorities (Jews and Christians) and their communities in the Hijaz long before the Prophet (pbuh) arrived on the scene with his paigam/message. Where are their descendants and is there any trace of them except in the Hadith and the Sira by Ibn Ishaq? What about the minorities (Chrisitians) in Constantinople? Even a father/mother conveys his/her love for his/her child(ren). Where is the love amongst Muslims? Shouldn’t Allah (SWT) love his (not literal) children (all of them) much more than any human parent? If I wire an electrical circuit incorrectly and there is a short circuit in any electrical part, I cannot blame the electrical part, I must blame the engineer who created the circuit.
    If Allah (SWT) knows beforehand what a human being will do and will not do, and knows that Kafirs are not going to obey Him, why should he punish them? After all, Allah (SWT) created the Kafirs and knew beforehand, before their birth, that they would not obey Him. Allah (SWT) created their (bad) circuit and now cannot blame them. Allah chooses whom he should guide and whom He should not. He is the best of deceivers according to the Quran Sharif.

  132. jhanzeb machiwalla says:

    this is a great shame for Pakistan. No wonder we have such a bad reputation all over the world.
    this shows the mind set of the general public. The govt has a more liberal attitude and offically this is not correct, but the common mans mind set is very fanatic. we do not deal with the govt on daily basis we deal with the public on daily basis. No matter what the govt says or tries to smooth over the trauma caused. the damage has been done.
    Pakistan has a lot to learn and unfortunately its going more backwards than forwards.

  133. Nihal Uddin Usmani says:

    Prophet Muhammed was sitting with his companions.A funeral passed by.As a mark of respect, our prophet stood up. Someone said that this is the funeral of a Jew and not of a Muslim. The prophet said “Was he not a human being?” This is Islam which could win the world.

  134. Imtiaz says:

    A shame indeed. But it is good sign that what used to be ignored is now being highlighted by your blog and others. This is a very good sign that we have realized our mistake and now speak out

  135. Nadeem says:

    These haters want to divide Paksitani against Pakistani. We must not let them do this.

  136. Mohammad Naqi says:

    Pakistani first. Religion is a personal business and this is what we got by putting it into the state. We need to take it out and make it personal again. We have ended in this strange situation where individuals are all corrupt and the state is all pious. I hope we do it soon.

  137. Talat says:

    Has anything come out yet on who did this and what was their punishment

  138. Arif Elahi says:

    This was a disgusting act and we should all condemn it.

  139. Vijay says:

    This was a sad story, and very heartening to read so many people condemn the treatment this young man received.

    Someone can say all Muslims are evil. Someone will say all Hindus are evil . (Or any religion).

    I have seen some atheists, they dont believe in god – yet , 1)Not a single bribe taken/given 2)1000% honest, decent people, kind people that will always stop and help.

    Shows that some people are so strong, they dont need religion. Religion is the opiate of the masses.

  140. Shahkar Lone says:

    Every problem has a root cause.

    I, as an Ahmadi Muslim, am not surprised at this sad story. Ahmadis go through this every day. But no one speaks out against it. Instead of going in too much detail I would like to tell you the root cause of this malicious act; As long as Pakistan’s constitution has hate acts such as the ones that declare Ahmadi Muslims Kafir incidences such as they will happen every day.
    That is the root cause of why Pakistanis are intolerant to anything that is different from them. Since 1984 EVERY Pakistani child has been born into this hate filled act and can’t help but apply it to anyone that is different from him/her.
    Fix the root cause so Pakistani Heroes like Prem Chand can live and rest in peace.

    (Below is a writing attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.)

    “THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    THEN THEY CAME for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

    Shahkar Lone.

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