Picture of the Day: Men with sticks

Posted on June 13, 2006
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Pakistani police; originally posted on Flickr.com by themexican.

‘Thulley Raj’ is what some at my alma matter (UET, Lahore) would call this. But it is really so much more; and less.

I look at the body language, the facial expressions, the way they hold their laathis, that look in their eyes… and it is so much more than just good photographic composition… it is multiple layers of meanings and memory… some good, some not as much.

5 responses to “Picture of the Day: Men with sticks”

  1. ace says:

    i know its so easy to sit in pakistan and just criticise police men there..trust me u guys are in heaven…u see police in canada are just like in pakistan…like everywhere inthe world..but they have tasers..which kill people and electricute them if people dont follow their order..lathi doesnt atleast kill you!

  2. bilal says:

    it is a real pic.some r funy

  3. Ali Malik says:

    Pakistan’s police is among the most corrupt in the world, God knows how we can reform this sick department

  4. Nadeem Ahmad says:

    “RULE” of Law….

  5. Suleman says:

    This picture is quite real and although can be humored, but reflects the good for nothing nature of Paki Police and our corrupt society. Very accurate depiction captured in this pic. Could you imagine seeking any sort of help or assitance from such cops?

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