ATP Photo-Quiz: Who is this?

Posted on June 22, 2006
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Adil Najam

Can you recognize this man? No, not Nixon, the other guy. The one to the left.

I imagine that most of you can. But still, do tell me. In case you cannot, here is another picture of him.

I wanted to get us going with an easy picture on what I hope will be a somewhat regular feature of guessing who or what is in the picture. Feel free to share your thoughts on the person if you wish.

[P.S. I know, this is a sly way of checking if anyone is even reading this thing, and finding it useful enough to merit a response. But keeping this blog going is taking a lot of time, and I would like some indication from the readers that its worth the effort; that there are at least a few who are not just visiting but willing to actively engage in the discussions. Thanks.]

20 responses to “ATP Photo-Quiz: Who is this?”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    The only usurper of the gang of 4 usurpers and their cohorts who was declared “usurper” by Pakistani courts.

    It does not help to know that he was personally a honest man.

    It does not help in learn that he died a pauper.

    And it does not help to know that he was also a failure in the 1965 war for the objective of Akhnoor, presented to him, by Gen. Malik.

    And it really does not good to know that he was favored by the Ayub Khan who gave us more than enough problems for a life time.

    From those who love the flawed democratic process, let there be a record for usurpers: you shall be remembered infamously and rebuked repeatedly.

  2. Nasir Jamal says:

    He is General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan. Field Marshal Ayub Khan handed over power to him instead of the speaker of the National Assembly which was a blatant violation of his own constitution.

    He was a drunkard. Hamood-ur-Rehman commission report talks a lot about the activities of president’s house in those days. Remember General Rani. She was his mistress. It was said that she could get him do almost anything. Remember Noor Jahan and her daughters.

    He oversaw the dismemberment of Pakistan. He wanted to continue as the president, just as President Musharraf wanted to continue as the president, under all condition.

    He hobnobbed with Bhutto and refused to call the session of the National Assemly which created doubts in the minds of the people of east pakistan.

  3. General Yahya Khan, though conducted free election in Pakistan but in the case of transfer of control to the elected PM, he hesitated and Pakistna lost its half.

  4. Daktar says:

    There was a post on thie site some time back with pictures of Liaquat ALi Khan. I just went there looking and saw that you had messages there too ;-) So, not sure what the point is. Nawaz Sharif also visited the White House a few times.

  5. Ramesh Balakrishnan says:

    I have never seen a picture of a U.S. President and a Pakistani civilian PM together in a similar setting in the White House. Has anyone seen Nawaz Sharif, ZAB or BB in a photo op with a U.S. President? Can you pl. post it here if one is out there. I have seen Gen Zia with Reagan and several pictures of Gen Musharraf with Bush 43 and now I have seen Gen Yahya as well.

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