Anarkali–The Song

Posted on June 27, 2006
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Adil Najam

Last week–before the damper was put on the opening of Mughal-e-Azam in Pakistan with an India-Pakistan Gala–ATP readers were commenting on how Pakistanis don’t seem to value or ‘own’ our Mughal heritage and history as much as our neighbors to the East. At that time I had mentioned the wonderfully evocative song and video produced by Shoaib Mansoor on the legend of Anarkali as part of his Supreme Ishq series, and promised to place it here. So, here goes.

Click on arrow at center, or view it directly here:

Supreme ISHQ

The question was also raised about the authenticity of the legend of Anarkali. On this, I have nothing to say and will leave it to more learned readers to add something. My own sense is that the stories that have caught the public imagination are nearly certainly not true; simply because there are so many and so contradictory. However, there was probably something there and maybe even a real person by that name. There certainly is a ‘mazaar’ in Lahore where, supposedly, she lies buried inside a wall. (What was wrong with these Mughal Emperors, why so much needless drama!). But on allof this, and more, I remain ready to be corrected.

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