Diwali Celebration: Pakistan Muslim League Style

Posted on October 31, 2006
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Adil Najam Ordinarily, I might have just posted this photograph below as a comment on yesterday’s post on Diwali celebrations in Karachi (also here). But please, just look at the people in this photograph; its way too interesting to be relegated to a comments section. The occasion is a Diwali celebration at the Islamabad Headquarters […]

Halloween in Pakistan

Posted on October 31, 2006
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Guest Post by S A J Shirazi Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31, most notably by children dressing in costumes and going door-to-door collecting sweets. Halloween originated among the Celts in Ireland, Britain and France as the Pagan Celtic harvest festival, Samhain and now it has become a part of American pop […]

Rivers and Link Canals of Punjab

Posted on October 30, 2006
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Guest Post by Pervaiz Munir Alvi The Punjab province of Pakistan is blessed with five major rivers and their numerous local tributaries. All of these five rivers originate from the snow capped peaks of the Himalayan Mountains. After traveling hundreds of miles through the high mountain valleys, these rivers ultimately enter into the plains and […]